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Today’s wholesale and retail market is based on distant sales and deliveries. Whether it’s a product supply or an individual purchase, people want to know exactly what happens with their parcel on the road and how fast they can receive their desired products. Another critical point is planning the time to take your packages because, in a busy schedule, it’s easy to miss something sometimes. 

The package tracker excludes these issues. It allows for a line of advantages that provide more comfort about time management and gives you a clearer understanding of what issues you can face due to timely information. Such benefits are possible thanks to tracking platforms like Pkge – a universal platform for tracking parcels delivered by multiple carriers. What the process looks like, and what advantages do you get if using opportunities? 

What’s package tracking

As we mentioned, package tracing is a technology that enables monitoring of your parcel status as it changes. Several components enable this opportunity: 

  • a database system that includes all parcels when people bring them to the post office;
  • a set of equipment that updates the data when the package comes to the next checkpoint;
  • a tracking number by which the parcel is recognized in the system.

All you need as a user is the last one – the tracking ID. It is a code that’s assigned by the postal service when they accept the package and serves to track parcel status through tracking systems. These systems can belong to a carrier or be universal (meaning, allow for tracking multiple tracking ID formats). 

The format depends on the service, so it contains coded information about the country, where the delivery is happening, the parcel type, the service type, and other necessary information that varies from one courier to another. That’s why keeping the same sequence of figures that your waybill number contains is crucial. 

NB! A tracking number has different names, and mostly the first word is tracking or waybill. If you see the order or receipt number – it won’t work for your package tracking. 

How to trace your parcel simple and quickly

To track a parcel, you need a platform for tracing, an Internet connection, and a tracking ID. Then, the steps are the following:

  1. Go to the website (e.g.,
  2. Find a search bar (Pkge has it on their homepage).
  3. Enter your waybill number there. If you need information about several parcels at a time, follow the instructions on how to divide them (put a space, a comma, or a semicolon), so the system shows the information correctly.
  4. Press Enter and look through the info. 

Thus, you can stay updated and plan your nearest days more precisely.

Advantages of parcel tracking with Pkge

General advantages of package tracking are logically assumable, like:

  • having a clear idea of at what stage your package delivery is;
  • timely recognition of troubles that may have happened on the road;
  • speed and comfort of doing your business.

There are some more specific advantages provided by using the Pkge platform. The main of them include:

  • Notifications – if you signed up to the system, you’ll receive status update notifications on your email. It’s comfortable if you are monitoring several parcels at the same time and don’t want to waste time on the same repetitive actions. 
  • Variability – supports connections with over 820 courier companies. It covers major postal services in America, Europe, Asia, and other places. If you have a specific location, and you’re not sure that pkge has your postal service available, you can look through the list of all the couriers by continent on the website. 
  • Visual comfort – the design of a webpage and app is simple and eye-releasing if you track parcels often. It seems unimportant at first glance, but finally, you realize that the user-friendly interface and color palette means a lot.
  • Adaptability – pkge presented an app for both iOS and Android, so users can save time and spend it more efficiently on the go. This full-fledged app releases you from the necessity to switch between gadgets and provides the same advantages as on the website. 

Visit the Pkge website to find your solution to massive tracking.

Sending and receiving products by delivery is a good way to save your time and earn good money – only if there’s a guarantee of your parcel’s safety. In terms of our busy lifestyle, package tracking is one of the best technologies that take minimum effort to learn the necessary info and maximum efficiency about time management and reassurance. So stay calm and use Pkge!

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