New PAC Of Donald Trump Is Raised Over $30 Million

New PAC Of Donald Trump Is Raised Over $30 Million
New PAC Of Donald Trump Is Raised Over $30 Million

Former President of USA Donald Trump action committee has brought up more than $30 million during the ending weeks of 2020. This is something that is giving the Former President a large war chest for continuing to wield political influence, even when he is no longer there in the office.

A leadership PAC created after a general election to save America has brought up more than $31 million cash that too in hand, as per reports from Federal Election Commission Filing. The bulk of this money $30.4 million was transferred by Donald Trump only just to make America a Great Again Committee. Furthermore, the cash in Save America is just a bit of the amount that Donald Trump and various Republicans hold in their committee accounts. The committee of the Presidential campaign is still having around $10.7 million whereas the Trump’s America Make Again a Great Committee and Trump Victory is having around $63 million of cash in hand. However, the former president is not entitled to this money.

New PAC Of Donald Trump Is Raised Over $30 Million
New PAC Of Donald Trump Is Raised Over $30 Million

According to the reports, 4 the communities raised around $62 million from contributions from November 24th to December 31st. During that time Trump was all interested in solicited funds while casting doubts on election results of 2020. While fundraising efforts were centered around claims of voters and around 75% of the donations were sent to Save America whereas the rest 25% were sent to Republican National Committee Account. Mr. Trump can easily contribute up to $5000 from his PAC to any of the candidate that he choose to support. He can also use the money from Save America for rallies, political advertisements, travel, and many more other things.

Meanwhile, we would like the audience to know that the Democratic National Committee is coming in a good and better state than it was four years ago.

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