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Not Everything is Perfect about Galaxy S23 Ultra: Users Face Wi-Fi Issues

Not Everything is Perfect about Galaxy S23 Ultra: Users Face Wi-Fi Issues

Samsung released the Galaxy S23 series with great success. But, many users are disappointed because of difficulties connecting their phones with Wi-Fi 6 routers. Issues seem especially evident when trying to access faster internet speeds. 

On the r/Samsung subreddit, an individual posted about a “Connected without internet” issue occurring with one of two Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra devices purchased on launch day. This post is especially noteworthy because it suggests that even though he bought both phones were bought at the same time, only one seems to be affected by the problem.

He reached out to Samsung support, and it appears that Samsung “is well aware of the issue and is working to improve the situation.” He also said, “the next update should have something to address it.” 

Recent posts on the r/Samsung subreddit show the same predicament concerning Galaxy S23 Ultra owners. It appears that this is exclusive to those using Wi-Fi 6 routers and 802.11ax or WPA3 as their preferred security method.

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It is possible to deactivate “802.11ax” capabilities or switch to WPA3 through your router’s settings. But it can be a time-consuming and tedious process if the other connected devices are already functioning correctly. To make matters worse, even after replacing their faulty Galaxy S23 Ultra with another device of the same model, the Reddit user still couldn’t solve this issue.

While Samsung’s February 2023 update has improved drastically in terms of providing a reliable connection to people’s home networks, there are still moments when disconnects happen. But fortunately, Samsung is well aware of the issue and appears to be striving for a resolution. Nevertheless, you may have exceeded your return window by March 2023 when the update arrives. When that happens, you can lean on Samsung’s warranty services or hope that a software fix does appear soon enough.

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