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One Piece: Discover the Possible Drawbacks of Luffy’s Gear 5

One Piece: Discover the Possible Drawbacks of Luffy’s Gear 5

Luffy’s Gear 5 has made its grand entrance in the Wano saga, and while it is undeniably powerful, there could be a few drawbacks.

With Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece arriving at its eventual climax, fans are curious to see how the story will unfold in its final saga. Luffy has already astounded viewers with his ‘Gear 5’ transformation for a second time during the Egghead Island arc after having vanquished Kaido in Wano. 

Despite Gear Five’s immense capabilities, with the Hito Hito No Mi viewed by some as likely being the most formidable fruit in the series, questions remain. It is expected that using this form will come at a price since previous forms had consequences for Luffy; and now given its incredible strength, it may be more damaging than ever before. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the potential downsides of Luffy Gear 5.

1. Reduced Lifespan

All Gears that Luffy has adopted until now, such as Gear Second and Gear Fourth, have a downside of decreasing his life expectancy over time. As these forms put immense pressure on the body, he only utilized them when facing enemies who were particularly strong. During his ultimate tussle with Kaido, there is an instance in which it looks like Luffy is exhausted from energy depletion and appears to age quickly while reverting back to normal form.

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2. Disease

Gol D. Roger, famously known as the ‘Pirate King’, met his end at the hands of executioners after he voluntarily surrendered himself to them. It was later revealed that this action transpired because Roger knew about a terminal illness which would eventually lead to his demise. As it is now evident, since Roger did not have any Devil Fruit powers, his affliction must have been an unrelated condition; however, given how similar Luffy and Roger are in many ways, one can only guess if the same fate awaits the protagonist too.

Although it is unlikely that the ‘one to surpass the Roger Pirates’ will face a different outcome than expected, Oda’s crafty use of foreshadowing and parallels often suggest more importance than initially perceived. Thus, one cannot rule out Luffy being affected by his Devil Fruit permanently; as strange this may seem at first glance. 

One Piece: Discover the Possible Drawbacks of Luffy’s Gear 5

3. Shorter Endurance In Gears

During his battle with Kaido, Luffy had reached the limits of his endurance as accurately noted by Kaido himself. This was to be expected after their prolonged fight and his earlier clash with Ulti before they made it to the roof. Even while using Gear Fourth, he still found it difficult to maintain stamina and couldn’t use Haki for ten minutes once powering down. But this is clearly not an issue anymore when using Gear Five; Luffy could immediately recharge upon becoming exhausted.

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4. Physical Strain In Normal Form

As we reach the exciting final saga of Luffy’s journey, it is important to consider how physicality may become a factor in Luffy’s future. Though he is currently at peak condition, time skips ahead could cause strain on his older body if the ending of this story shows us more mature Straw Hats like so many fans are hoping for. That being said, even with age catching up to him, there is no doubt that Luffy will take whatever comes his way.

5. Altered Physical Appearance 

With Gear Five, Luffy is able to battle without restraint – as displayed in his fights with Kaido and Rob Lucci. Consequently, he can sustain lethal strikes that ultimately manifest themselves on the surface of his body; usually taking the shape of a weapon or reflecting the way it was dealt out.

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