Online Tools Your Business Needs To Flourish In 2021

Online Tools Your Business Needs To Flourish In 2021

The world was a largely digital place before the 2020 pandemic; however, if we have learned anything over the last 12 months, it is that technology and online tools are essential in daily life and business. While the use of online tools was highly prevalent before 2020, the pandemic has bought forward the use of this technology in its many forms for companies worldwide and thrust it into their working day, whether ready for it or not. Online tools will be used more now than ever, and here are some every business will benefit from. 


Every business needs an online presence. Some of the big winners in the last 12 months have been eCommerce companies, logistics and delivery companies, and online takeaway and food delivery services. One thing that all of these companies have is a well-presented, informative, and easy to find (and use) website. A website is a business’s shop window, and without a website, customers will lose confine and trust in a company. A website and business should go hand in hand, and the good news is websites can be low-cost and easy to set up; WordPress is a great tool when setting up a website. The challenge comes from optimizing your website.

Digital Marketing

This is where the optimization comes in. Having a website is one thing, but having a functioning, aesthetically pleasing results-driven website is another. Signing up to WordPress is a great start, but employing a WordPress web design agency will see a website created that is bespoke to any business need, optimized for search engine rankings, and in turn, you will see actual results. There is more to running a successful website than making it look pretty; you need to consider page speed, plug-ins, SEO, eCommerce tools – this is what digital marketers specialize in.

Another way to optimize your marketing strategy is by using an AI marketing agency to formulate a detailed plan to grow your customer base. AI marketing uses deep learning to take in data from your website and customer dealings and then create an algorithm based on that data. This algorithm can then be used to develop a tailored marketing strategy that fits your brand and your customers perfectly.

Social media

The tool that is social media falls under the umbrella of digital marketing and affects your business without you even knowing it. Social media advertising is vast and a great and subtle way to target your adverts to an audience who will benefit from seeing them. Social media can be very time-consuming. Your audience spends a lot of time on social media, so it stands to reason that you should too. Look for scheduling tools that can help reduce this time. Tools such as Hootesuite and Buffer are great for this.

Email lists 

Social media is without doubt a must but in the albeit unlikely event it was shut down tomorrow you could lose thousands of followers and potential customers. Creating your own email list of customer cannot be taken away from you. It is a direct point of contact you have with a customer to let them know about new products, upcoming deals and any all business news you wish to share with them,


If you had not heard of Zoom before 2020, you likely have now. Zoom fast became the way business was conducted, and families caught up. Tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Meets, Google hangouts are great for allowing enterprises to catch up with colleagues, customers, and industry equivalents. It is an excellent tool for personalizing meetings and enabling you to do business all over the world without leaving your office. If you’d like further information about how to improve communication at work, Read More about the latest platforms and solutions.

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