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OpenAI Reports Major Outages for ChatGPT and Labs Users

OpenAI Reports Major Outages for ChatGPT and Labs Users

ChatGPT and Labs, services offered by OpenAI, experienced an outage today. Mobile users received a message saying “ChatGPT is at capacity right now”. This also affected ChatGPT Plus subscribers who usually can bypass capacity issues with a subscriber login link. However, this option was not functional.

Desktop users received a link to the incident page for this outage. OpenAI started investigating the issue at 9:41 a.m. PDT and has discovered the root cause of the problem. The company is working on resolving the issue.

OpenAI Status page shows that both ChatGPT and Labs experienced an outage related to an underlying capacity failure. OpenAI is working on adding extra capacity to solve the issue. While paid labs traffic has been restored, the company is still working to restore free traffic. Users can subscribe to the updates from the incidents page to be notified when the issue is resolved by email and text.

Many ChatGPT users are experiencing an outage that started several hours ago. This has been reported by thousands of users on DownDetector. ChatGPT Plus subscribers are especially frustrated as they pay for the premium pricing plan, which promises access to ChatGPT, even during peak times. However, the service is currently unavailable.

Some users have turned to the OpenAI Playground, which offers a chat mode using either the GPT-3 or CODEX models (currently in beta). When you create a new account, you get an $18 credit for free. After reaching the usage limits, you must pay for additional credits. Prices vary based on the language model and context needed and are charged per 1,000 tokens. 1,000 tokens equal about 750 words.

If you are a ChatGPT user, you can subscribe to updates from the incidents page. This will notify you via email and text when OpenAI has resolved the issue. We will update the post as soon as we receive new information.

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