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Opera to Add ChatGPT Integration for Webpage and Article Summaries

Opera to Add ChatGPT Integration for Webpage and Article Summaries

This remarkable feature will be rolling out in no time

This week, Opera unveiled that they are inclining heavily toward the realm of AI technology. Opera is going to introduce “Shorten”, which is a feature powered by ChatGPT. This feature will generate summaries for articles and web pages. With “Shorten”, users will be able to access this revolutionary capability quickly. A new icon located next to the address bar provides an instant gateway into Shorten’s bulleted summary sidebar. Opera is leading the way with new technology, and other browsers will soon have these capabilities too.

Jan Standel, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Opera, recently informed The Verge that Shorten will shortly be available for users. They are currently in the process of incorporating other AI-based features to “augment” its user experience. But, there has not been any explanation about what these updates could include.

Video by Opera

Opera announced their Software’s new Shorten tool in the same week as Microsoft revealed a redesign of their Edge browser. The Edge browser included an “AI-powered copilot” and page summarization capabilities. Opera’s Shorten utilizes generative AI to break Google’s stronghold on the browser market.

Not to be outdone by these other major players, Google shared this past week that they are now working on Bard. Google’s Bard is an AI chatbot powered by its LaMDA platform. It is currently unknown if people will actually stop using Chrome even after these additions by competitors’ browsers. However, there is no doubt that all three companies have seen fit to recognize the value artificial intelligence can bring when considering web browsing experiences.


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