Parley Talks About His Views On Parler

Parley Talks About His Views On Parler
Parley Talks About His Views On Parler

Social media has taken over the world. It has the potential to influence the mindset of people in any way. Recently, Trump supporters had stormed the Capitol. As a result, a microblogging site and social media platform called Parler had been removed from Apple’s App Store. Earlier, journalists had declared it as a substitute to Twitter. Even Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, had agreed that Parler should be removed from Apple’s App Store.

Recently, certain Trump supporters had stormed the Capitol. Some top sources suggest that Parler had been the womb of such violence. Parler is full of right-wing extremists, Trump supporters, and conspiracy theorists. The posts on this platform often contain conspiracy theories, antisemitism, and far-right content.

Many Parler users have highlighted that this platform never shares personal data. Several Trump supporters have complained that the government should not ban social media apps. Most of the constitutions propagate free speech. So, banning a social media app from the Play Store may contradict the constitution.

In an interview, Cook complained that the Capitol’s attack had been an attack on democracy. However, Parler had not taken sufficient steps to protect the privacy of customers. The CEO of Apple pointed out that they cannot control everything on the internet. However, Apple insists that all the apps offered in its Play Store need to abide by the terms and conditions.

The intention of Apple is not to hinder free speech. Reports showed that the comments in Parler were interpreting violence. Apple just intended to do the right thing at the right time.

Apple always supports multiple viewpoints. However, the Apple App store doesn’t entertain any illegal activity or threats of violence. Freedom of speech is not an excuse for inciting violence. Cook has assured the people that Parler accounts have only been suspended for a small period of time. Once Parler improves moderation, the accounts will be activated.

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