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Pikmin 4 Packs a Lot of Excitement: New Gameplay Elements Revealed at Nintendo Direct 2023

Pikmin 4 Packs a Lot of Excitement: New Gameplay Elements Revealed at Nintendo Direct 2023
Image: Nintendo

Pikmin are “small plantlike creatures with distinct abilities”. You can grow them, pluck them, guide them, and use them in battles. If you have played the earlier Pikmin games, you know the deal with them. If you have not, Nintendo has launched HD versions of the first two Pikmin games on the Nintendo eShop. The games were originally released on Nintendo Cube. You will be able to play them on Nintendo Switch.

Now, coming to Pikmin 4. If you aren’t already aware of the premise, in Pikmin 4, you are chosen as the sole savior of Captain Olimar and the rescue corp that has gone missing while trying to rescue the lost captain. You have to enlist the help of the Pikmin to find and save everyone and then to bring them back from the mysterious planet.

The new Pikmin game will have a Dandori Battle minigame which requires you to collect more items than your enemy to save the castaways. Your dog friend, Otachi will prove really helpful in this mission as it can carry items, smash obstacles, and become a floatation device.

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In the earlier Pikmin games, you had to return to your spaceship before sundown. Now, for the first time in the series, you can go out on Night-time expeditions with the help of the glow Pikmin. The glow Pikmin appears only at night. “But nightfall sends creatures into a frenzy, so stay alert. Thankfully, you’ll come across the new Glow Pikmin to drive them away. Much more awaits on this uncharted planet.”

Pre-orders for Pikmin 4 are on. The Digital game will set you back $59.99. You can also buy the HD versions of the first two Pikmin games together in a bundle for a discounted price. 

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