Playing Pc Games Can Help You Get A Job!

Playing Pc Games Can Help You Get A Job!

PC games are still great, even nowadays

Despite the rise of mobile gaming over the last years, PC games are still popular. They have many perks unavailable for other game devices, playing them since your childhood can also be very helpful for you now, how? By helping you to find your dream job. 

Personal computers provide users with better customization and a more lifelike experience. Thanks to the big screen size and top-notch graphic solutions, you feel the game more realistically.  One can even play mobile and console games on the personal computer. To do it, the user applies an emulator or installs blue stacks on the PC.  As you can play some mobile and console games on your computer, it offers you a variety of options.

Another argument proving this idea is the high backward compatibility of PCs. In other words, unlike with mobile games or consoles, you have no problem playing both the old and the new PC games. Although PlayStation and Xbox are working on backward compatibility, your options as a gamer remain rather limited. 

An esportsman is someone who has turned his passion for computer games into a profession,
Today, 47% of gamers are teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17. 29% are the older generation aged 18 to 40. If you belong to at least one of these generations, then most likely you have thought or dreamed of a career in the gaming industry. Fortunately, there are many ways, both technically and business-wise, to get involved in the video game industry.

Mobile devices also have this constraint. Without regular updates, you won’t be able to play the latest games.  From a financial point of view, PCs also have some perks. For instance, investing in a personal computer broadens your game perspectives more than buying new consoles or mobile phones. 

In the long run, buying a personal computer is a more reasonable purchase. Many PC games are still playable, while mobile and console options fade away with every next release. Let’s not forget that most personal computer games are easy to adjust to your interaction preferences. By using a keyboard, a mouse, and a joystick,  users are more in control of what is going on on the screen.  

The last but not the least crucial argument is the price for some console games. They can be very costly. So are the premium mobile games. At the same time,  hundreds of PC options are free, or they are getting cheaper with time.  As we see, the list of perks PC games have is long. 

Game industry is profitable

Games have become not only profitable for producing companies. Specialists in this sphere are one of the most sought-after in the world of IT. So, if you think about combining your hobby with some professional aspirations, consider an entry-level job in the game industry. You may start as a game tester and then develop into a game designer or a game economist. It is a promising industry with stable demand. So, think about turning your hobby into a full-time well-paid job.

PC Games for 4GB Ram

As tastes differ dramatically, in this article, we are going to examine the best PC games for 4GB RAM according to our personal rate. Yet, all opinions and suggestions are welcome. As a reference, 4GB Ram (random access memory) is a short-term computer memory. Here, we would like to focus on the games requiring 4 Gigabytes of the random access memory. 

Far Cry 4

Far Cry franchise is considered to be one of the widely-recognized game leaders thanks to its complicated large world and plenty of freedom players enjoy. This first-person shooter brings us to the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat. The main character is facing the war between the state army of Kyrat and the rebel movement in the country. He returns to the homeland to carry out the final wish of his mother. 

The main character is trying to bring back her ashes to Kyrat. However, this personal mission is interrupted by the people of the violent and eccentric king ruling in Kyrat. Thus, the main character appears in the middle of a big war between implacable enemies. The whole storyline combines fighting and exploring. Weapons help the main character successfully oppose the enemy soldiers and dangerous nature. 

Users also enjoy the side quests and a branching storyline, i.e. when certain actions or words influence the following events and determine the next plot twist. Although the initial idea of developers was to go on with the narrative of Far Cry 3, they later changed it and invented a new story. 

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution is a stealth video game. In other words, to achieve the aims of the game, you have to remain undetected. Unlike shooters, where users openly attack protagonists, stealth games assume you need to sneak, use disguises, and other instruments to get unnoticed and accomplish their mission. 

According to the developers, the fifth installment of the Hitman series is more approachable and easier to play. Sometimes players even use luminar neo tools  to edit photos of their favorite characters of a game. However, they promised to keep the most exciting and attractive aspects of the game. 

According to the story, Agent 47 is trying to protect a genetically-modified young girl from criminals, his own former employers, and the life of an assassin prepared for her. Agent 47 agrees to take care of the girl and hit the system head-on: Although comments about the game got polarized among users, many marked the high level of graphics, thought-through locations and environments. 


Overwatch belongs to one of the most popular games in the sphere of competitive gaming. It is also one of the most remarkable games in eSports in recent years.  Overwatch is a classic team-player shooter. Developers themselves describe it as a hero shooter, focusing on complex characters with their unique features. 

The main task of the players is to accomplish various map-specific objectives within a limited timeframe. Moreover, you don’t need any outstanding PC setup to launch it. It is also noteworthy that the game producers released additional characters, maps, and tasks with time. All of them are free of charge. 

The game received good comments and endorsements for its easy accessibility, diversity of characters, exciting and entertaining cartoonish style, and adventurous gameplay.  It also offers the gamers some tactical challenges and a lot of fun.  Shooting here is only a part of the game where you also discover various locations and solve the problems. 

As we see,  personal computer games offer us many exciting games keeping players on tenterhooks.  You can play shooters on your own or in a team or try clandestine strategies in stealth video games. The game industry is one of the fastest developing in IT. Don’t hesitate to turn your hobby into a well-paid job. 

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