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Polestar Promises “No Compromises” in Super Bowl AD, Fire Shots At Tesla And Volkswagen

Polestar Promises “No Compromises” in Super Bowl Ad, Fire Shots At Tesla And Volkswagen

Polestar promises “No compromises” with the Super Bowl ad, Fires shots at Tesla and Volkswagen

Polestar is an Automotive company focusing on manufacturing Electric cars. Recently, they made their Super Bowl debut with the Polestar 2 commercial launch. 

However, the commercial aimed to lay down electric car income separate from traditional car companies. They did so, by taking hold of the whole notion of pretentious car advertisement. They are particularly focusing on Tesla and Volkswagen. 

However, Polestar promises that their project Polestar 2 will make the road life easier. Also, be prudent with the software installed in the car. The car has a capable intelligence system to avoid collisions. Even, they have  absolute connectivity. 

Polestar Promises “No Compromises” in Super Bowl Ad, Fire Shots At Tesla And Volkswagen

Promises Made by Polestar 

Polestar launches a new electric car. It is One of the most outright electric cars. They claim cars to be the best investment. Superlative quality and satisfactory to drive. The super bowl has a 30 seconds title ad. Furthermore, they entitled the super bowl “No Compromises” put together a list of claims done by Polestar. They promise “No epic Voiceover”, “ No untenanted promises”, and “No hidden agenda”. Further, Spear-like claims Polestar took hold as CEO of Tesla Vehicle Manufacturer and Volkswagen. 

More About Polestar 2

Polestar is an amateur in the electric car space. Interestingly, Polestar is launching the first electric car with Google OS. Also, the car is entirely powered by Google’s Android Automatic car operating system. They claim that electric cars should be part of this changing era.

Polestar is a relatively small-scale company even with Volvo backing it. Furthermore, they are expecting a good outcome of the Super Bowl ad. They are anticipating publicity for Polestar 2 through the Super Bowl.

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