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Potential Release Date For Wentworth Season 9 on Netflix

Wentworth Season 9

The popular prison drama is set to return for its ninth season on Netflix globally. Fans waiting for the official and potential release dates across different regions. 

Fans of the hit prison-based drama “Wentworth” are gearing up for the exciting season 9 this year. With the recent news on the release dates for the show, the interest has grown among Netflix users across different regions. 

Originally, there were expectations that the ninth season would appear on the streaming platform sometime this summer. Recently, new reports have come out about the official release date in the United States and the tentative release dates for other regions. 

Wentworth is one of the most talked-about and liked TV dramas in recent times, specifically for the Netflix patrons. International fans find the show exciting and it is dub as the next “Orange is The New Black” among fans. Consequently, the series began in Australia and is a reboot of the hit 80s drama, “Prisoner”

Currently, most of the Netflix-specific regions that offer this show to their consumers can stream all episodes till the eighth season. Moreover, in the last phase of the show, a new leader is set to gain control over the characters, with some original 80s characters returning. The new season would focus more on this storyline, adding to the excitement of viewers.

On the other hand, the 10 episodes that are on-air in Australia, under the network Fox Showcase, are actually part 2 of season 8. However, for most international audiences, these episodes would come as the ninth season on Netflix. 

Regions Where Netflix Airs Wentworth Season 9

  • United States 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Singapore 
  • India 
  • South Korea 
  • Canada

Typically, Netflix airs the latest episodes of the series a few days following the series wrap-up in the United States. Reportedly, the ninth season would appear on the United States Netflix line-up late next month, specifically October 27, 2021. 

Certainly, other regions would get the newest season at the same time or a few days after the US release date. Only Canada would get a late release; the show will not appear in its October line-up. 

To note, other regions with Netflix services are not showcasing the hit show to their local audience. Also, there are no reports available about any of the other countries picking up this series for their release line-up. Therefore, fans in areas other than the ones mentioned above cannot stream the show via Netflix. 

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