Powerful Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

Powerful Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a sense of purpose at the workplace, as it creates extra commitment and motivation. It’s known that employee engagement is essential at work, as employees can bring better business results. When investing in employees’ well-being, it’s necessary to consider their financial, emotional, and physical well-being – they will invest back in your company. According to research, when workers feel appreciated by their employers, they will become 38% more engaged, and 28% will recommend your company as a great place to work. 

Business leaders want involved workers, but only a few of them know how to get there. Start by thinking about their overall well-being. It’s essential to show your employees that they can count on you; offer them resources, communication, and encouragement. When treating your employees with support and care, they will feel motivated in their daily tasks and help prevent exhaustion. 

Provide regular support for growth and feedback

When managing your workforce, notice your employees’ behaviors and job routines. Write down and develop a growth plan for each one of them. After a while, you will know your employees’ performance goals and what they are able to reach, depending on what they’re working for. Also, make sure you ask them what their personal career goals are and talk about that during a feedback session. Regular one-on-one meetings – if you want to compliment your employees, take time to meet them privately. Don’t hold that much information until the end of a year. It won’t mean the same for your employees, and it won’t help them improve anything until then. 

Provide developing feedback – something to keep in mind is that there isn’t a negative or lousy feedback type. Feedback should help the employee identify their issues put have positive ideas and goals as a result. Let’s say one of your employees was late three out of five days last week. Don’t use the sandwich method that sounds like: “Rachel, you did an excellent job on your presentation. But you were late several times last week, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the email you sent last week.” 

This is not positive – managers usually feel in charge of giving feedback. But if they don’t have anything prepared, they typically use the feedback sandwich. Instead, if Rachel was late several days last week, you could say something like: “Rachel, I’ve noticed you were late last week many days in a row. Is everything okay; is there anything I can help you with to make it here on time?”. If it was about a car issue, but now it’s all fixed, you can say, “It sounds great; I’m happy to hear you got it fixed.” This isn’t negative, and Rachel did have a problem. Perhaps a feedback session is all Rachel needed to help fix her schedule and ensure she leaves at a time that allows her to get through traffic to make it to work. It’s not bad feedback – it’s just feedback. 

Promote a strong safety culture 

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment through EHC software is a high priority amongst organizations. Indeed, employees are responsible for following the safety guidelines and maintaining a safe workplace, but employers have to run safety training sessions regularly. Businesses need to ensure a strong and safe culture in their enterprise actively. To improve the safety culture in your organization, it’s mandatory to follow the next examples:

  • Ensure all workers are adequately trained
  • Make sure they wear proper equipment
  • Offer visual safety messages and signs
  • Hold regular safety meetings
  • Make learning about safety fun

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is – you must ensure your health and safety guidelines are in place. 

Is your company still working with paper? 

Each business is focused on digital transformation and for good reasons. Many big companies are steps behind this digital transformation, as they’re still using paper and their recycling is not in place. However, other businesses eliminated paper and operated like this for a while. It is frustrating to know that some companies haven’t evolved, and their common beliefs are that they function better with paper or that it always has been like this. Since technology exists, effective ways to cut paper usage can be considered. And not to mention the environmental issues – these companies waste incredible amounts of money, and most importantly, they turn their back to digital transformation, which is critical nowadays. 

You can start right now and grow your business’ standards. It doesn’t mean what type of company you run – there are many processes for which paper isn’t necessary. You can find EHS software pricing that fits your business. Technology can provide real and effective efficiency returns while eliminating environmental waste and improving accountability. It’s great news! Companies that improve their processes are genuinely enjoying the advantages of converting to these solutions. 

Provide meaningful employee appreciation

Employee rewards are key, as it leads to employee engagement. If employees feel valued for their hard work, they will engage in a sense of purpose at work, developing that commitment and extra energy. And honestly, it’s not a magic formula for improving employee engagement. The goal is to celebrate employees for their achievements and hard work, and employee appreciation doesn’t necessarily mean giving them cash. 

Low-cost ways to reward your employees:

  • Give a thank you note
  • “Thank you” can do miracles, especially in public
  • Give small gifts
  • Give them a fun award
  • Cover public transportation costs

According to research, around 90% of worldwide companies think that engaged employees perform better and increase the business’s success. 

When business leaders develop caring relationships with their employees, the workplace environment gets safer and more pleasant. It’s the ideal time to equip yourself with the needed tools and respond to employees’ needs. When developing a safe relationship with your employees, your success will start. 

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