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Pro Bowl 2022: No Kickoff, No Tackling, But Penalties Of Fun For AFC

Pro Bowl 2022: No Kickoff, No Tackling, But Penalties Of Fun For AFC

Although playing in the NFL Pro Bowl is entertaining and thrilling in and of itself. Being given a chance to play in this all-star match is among the finest accolades a player can earn. It indicates that the player was among the best in his position in a particular season. Pro Bowl selections are also considered after a player’s career when determining whether or not to send them to the Hall of Fame. There are also two special restrictions: no kickoff and no tackling. But why is that?

Because the NFL is such a physically demanding competition, the innings and massive hits that define it are nearly redundant. Various regulation differences guarantee that the game is cleaner than a typical NFL game. The participants in the Pro Bowl, on the other hand, have come to a sort of gentleman’s agreement to do no tackling to minimize any unnecessary injuries. One of the primary reasons why many aren’t great supporters of the Pro Bowl and are loud about that on social media is because of this.

Pro Bowl 2022: No Kickoff, No Tackling, But Penalties Of Fun For AFC

No Kickoff Too

The no-kickoff rule is one of several restrictions that distinguish the Pro Bowl from ordinary games. A team can only do one of two things after scoring. Return the football to the opposing team on their own 25-yard line, or try a fourth-and-15 from their 25-yard line in an attempt to maintain possession. This alteration was developed to see if there was a suitable option for onside kicks. This have gotten more challenging in the past few seasons due to the NFL’s revised kickoff regulations.

Pro Bowl 2022: NFC Vs. AFC

Even though the game was dull, the NFL’s all-stars were proud of their performance and conclusion in the 2022 Pro Bowl on 6th February. As players stated throughout the practice week, the aim was to have a good time and leave uninjured. The AFC then defeated the NFC by 41-35 in a turnover-plagued preseason game. It was the AFC’s sixth consecutive victory.

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