Protect Your Outdoor Workers With These Clever Tips

Protect Your Outdoor Workers With These Clever Tips

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, or what season you are about to enter into – you need to protect your outside workers. Whether rain or shine, people working for you who are working outside need you to protect them as best you can. Excessive sun and exposure to UV rays are both dangerous, but so are the illnesses associated with prolonged exposure to constant rain and cold wind. For example, the World Trade Center Compensation Fund was established to help all the people who came down with cancer and other issues due to their exposure to the fallout. This fund was necessary because over 70 types of cancers that could be traced to 9/11 exposure were identified, with many people suffering those and other long-term health consequences.

Working outside is a privilege to many people, but being aware of the weather before you send people out to work is important. For example, when the day is cloudy, you’re still going to find that your employees are exposed to 80% of the sun’s UV rays. Working outdoors increases the risks of skin cancer and other illnesses, but there are things that you can do to help your staff. From shopping here to waiting for certain times of day to put your workers outside, you can ensure their health and safety at all times. You are an employer, so you are responsible for those in your employ. Here are several ways that you can protect them.

  • Set Policies

Your working environment needs to have detailed policies on sun and climate safety and you need to train your employees on what they should be doing about it. There are UV radiation rules you can take and train your staff on those rules. The more you educate, the better off everyone will be.

  • Provide Cover

While you provide waterproof and UV protective clothing for your staff, do you think about providing shade outside? If you have staff on site, you need to add coverage for outdoor areas and you should consider making sure that they are aware of sun-safe practice when they are enjoying the outdoors, too.

  • Provide Medical Coverage

You may already have insurance as part of the perks for those working for you. However, you will be much better off if you ensure that you are providing insurance to cover skin cancer check ups and eye appointments. These will make sure that your workers are safe at all times, and if they do need extra help as a result of working outside, you will be able to give them that help!

  • Decision Prompts

As a business, you should have the appropriate signage up to ensure that people know about health and safety. With cues posted at doorways and stairways in your business, you can ensure that you have asked everyone to adhere to workplace and outdoor workplace safety rules.

  • Enforce Sunscreen Rules

If you have people working outside, provide large bottles of sunscreen to ensure that your staff has all access to safety equipment. While you’re enforcing sunscreen rules and the appropriate workwear, you should also ensure that you are offering your staff access to water at all times. Provide it for free and keep them hydrated on the work site – it’s for their safety and you can ensure that people are healthy while they work!

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