Protecting Office Employees From Workplace Injury

Protecting Office Employees From Workplace Injury
Protecting Office Employees From Workplace Injury

Across all industries, over 2.5 million non-fatal workplace accidents are reported each year.

Complex machinery and hazardous chemicals are clear health and safety issues in manufacturing and other heavy industries. However, even in a small, quiet office, simply tripping on a trailing cable or lifting a pile of heavy documents can result in serious and long-lasting injuries, and many days of missed work. By regularly checking for potential hazards, encouraging staff to promptly report any problems, and providing practical assistive equipment, employers can protect their workforce in the office environment.

Minimizing Trip And Fall Hazards

Trips, slips and falls are some of the most common workplace hazards, and account for almost a third of all personal injuries at work. Where employees are injured through no fault of their own, they are also a top cause for workers’ compensation claims. At, information is available for workers who have suffered an injury and who may be feeling overwhelmed by the consequences of their accident. A minor trip or fall can happen anywhere, and it can result in very serious injuries. To prevent them occurring, employers should ensure that the office is equipped with adequate lighting, even walking surfaces, and tidy, unobtrusive wiring. In addition, by encouraging everyone in the office to keep it tidy and clear of clutter and report any faults or spillages as soon as they occur, many serious workplace injuries can be avoided.

Reducing The Risk Of Back Injury

Adding up to more than one million injuries every year, more than 20% of all workplace injuries are back-related. Most of these injuries are to the lower back, and are caused by lifting and carrying heavy objects. These are common injuries in an office, where employees are less likely to be trained in lifting correctly because it is not a regular element of their work. Ideally, carrying heavy objects should be avoided whenever possible. However, when it is necessary, box trolleys and carts can help employees to transport heavy files, folders and books around the office, or to external meetings and trade shows.

Even in a sedate office environment, physical hazards can still present themselves and cause serious injury to employees. By keeping offices clear of clutter and defective equipment or furnishings, the risk of falls can be minimized. In addition, with the provision with mechanical aids such as trolleys and carts, common back injuries caused by heavy lifting can be avoided.

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