Purchasing Apartments in Mahmutlar in 2023

Purchasing apartments in Mahmutlar in 2023

Sellers in stores in Mahmutlar, waiters in cafes and restaurants, doctors in hospitals, and other people speak English. The head of the district regularly organizes meetings with foreigners to find out if there are public problems in Mahmutlar personally. At these meetings, he also speaks English.

That is why buying flats in Mahmutlar for people who are not afraid of getting used to a new place and the people living in it for a long time, but are increasingly asking questions about real estate, for example, what apartments can be purchased in Mahmutlar in 2023?

Especially for those intending to emigrate to Mahmutlar, we talk about luxury and premium-class flats.

Luxury apartments in Turkey 

About 50% of all residential buildings located on the first coastline in Mahmutlar are luxury multi-story buildings. Almost all of them were built from 2005-2014, during Turkish real estate sales growth. There are also entirely new objects, but they are few.

Primary housing on the first sea line in Mahmutlar is sold at 25-30% more expensive than apartments on the secondary market, even though the houses built in the 2000s are time-tested, the finishes are of high quality, and the area of ​​the flats is rather significant. If residential premises are sold in new complexes, for example, 2 + 1 with an average area of ​​85 – 95 square meters, then in houses commissioned from 2005 to 2014, the location of such flats is 120 – 130 sq. m.

All luxury residential complexes on the 1st line of the sea in Mahmutlar have a guarded place with outdoor swimming pools, agitated pools, spas, hammams, saunas, gyms, tropical gardens, massage rooms, cinemas, gaming zones, car parks, and more.

Numerous residential complexes in Mahmutlar have a dock, coast, and an undercover route from the local area.

What is the price for luxury apartments in Mahmutlar this year?

The picture of the minimum prices for luxury flats is as pursues:

  • housing 1 + 1 in a multi-story building costs 60 thousand euros;
  • a 2+1 design flat can be bought for 80,000 euros;
  • you can become the owner of 3 + 1 apartments for 90000 euros.

One-third of the residential buildings constructed in Mahmutlar on the first line of the sea from 2014 to 2020 can be said to be new. These are luxurious houses with several floors, in which (in the buildings themselves and the adjacent territories) the infrastructure is very developed. There are sports centers, spas, cafes, restaurants, and much more. There are such residential complexes and their beaches.

If you look inside the premises and walk through the apartments, you can see stylishly finished and furnished dwellings. The design of the flats is made in different images.

When constructing such residential buildings, premium class houses, builders use the most modern, expensive materials, and the best designers and architects of Turkey and many countries of Western Europe experience in implementing such projects.

Many tenants are willing to pay a lot for housing in premium houses. Despite the prices offered by landlords, apartments in the premium segment are trendy among those who want to live in rented apartments during a short or long-term visit to Mahmutlar.

More than others, such housing is rented by citizens of Western European countries, as well as the states of the Middle East.

Having bought an apartment in a premium-class building, you can count on the services of a construction company for apartment management. Representatives of developer organizations post information about the rental of real estate in the house they have rented, meet and settle people who rent apartments here, monitor the condition of the apartments, pay bills for the use of water, gas, electricity, and so on, repair refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other equipment in rented housing, for which they are responsible to its owners.

Thus, becoming the owner of a premium-class apartment on the beach in Mahmular, you can immediately sign an agreement with the construction company that sold the house on the management of real estate by specialists and, without worrying about the condition of the apartment, calmly extract your profit.

For what minimum price can one or another premium-class housing built behind the first coastline in Mahmutlar be purchased? To date, the min. price of premium flats of different forms in this area of ​​Alanya is equal to the next numbers:

  • flat 1 + 1 costs 110 thousand euros;
  • housing 2 + 1 can be purchased for 200 thousand euros;
  • flats 3 + 1 are traded for at least 250 thousand euros.

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