Qualities That Make a Good Data Center Technician

Qualities That Make a Good Data Center Technician

A data center technician plays a pivotal role in the security and maintenance of sensitive data stored in data centers. Here, we will learn more about the role.

A data center is a physical location that holds a large group of networked computers that are used by businesses to store, process, and distribute their data remotely. Data centers eliminate the need for in-house data storage capabilities for businesses. A data center technician is a person responsible for installing and maintaining data servers and network equipment. It is an extremely important job role that requires specific qualities and skills. 

In this post, we will be discussing the job of a data center technician, the qualities that contribute to their success, and the key steps to becoming a data center technician.

Who is a data center technician?

A data center technician is usually a computer hardware and network expert who works as a part of the team that assembles the data servers, installs the network equipment, and maintains the equipment as well as the physical location itself. The technicians are also responsible for working with the customers of the data center to solve any issue they might have and to provide support.

What are the key responsibilities of a data center technician?

  • The data center technician ensures that the data servers are in good shape and performing at an optimal rate.
  • They take care of the service requests made by customers including troubleshooting and performance enhancement. 
  • Prevention of any physical damage to the hardware is the technician’s responsibility.
  • They work with cyber security experts to defend the data center from security threats like ransomware attacks.
  • The data center technicians make sure that the best practices are observed while also ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • They run regular hardware diagnoses and perform maintenance and repairs as required.
  • They update the data center infrastructure and keep up with the evolution of technology.
  • The technicians are also responsible for documenting any network failure.
  • They create SOPs for the data center and ensure standardization of the practices.
  • A data center technician can prevent damage to networks and the loss of data with proactive maintenance and oversight.
Qualities That Make a Good Data Center Technician

The qualities that every data center technician should possess

A data center technician can be trained in IT, computer hardware, or networking, but it is really the job itself that prepares them for the responsibilities. A data center technician needs a very specific set of technical and soft skills to succeed in this rather demanding role.

Operational knowledge

The technician working at a data center should be well accustomed to the processes and best practices that run the place. A data center technician should know the importance of keeping no single point of failure. They should know how to cable up the equipment and what cable to buy should they have to replace one. The point is, a technician should be a jack of all trades inside the data center. 

Technical knowledge

A data center technician should be very well versed with all kinds of operating systems while holding expertise on the more popular kinds. They should be comfortable with hardware deployment and possess an understanding of network infrastructure.

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Keen oversight

The key to success at a data center is the ability to spot anomalies before it is too late. One should be able to smell cable that has started to burn or spot equipment that has heated up unusually. It’s a must that a technician stays alert at all times, performs regular reviews, and keeps everything clean.

Decision making

A data center technician should be able to help out customers with minor troubleshooting or take care of the equipment in general. But there might be issues that are beyond their capacity to resolve. At those moments, the technician should be quick to delegate it to the right person.


Be it handling heavy equipment, providing customer support on busy days, or supporting another technician with a critical issue, teamwork is of the essence. Every technician should be accountable for their own tasks while also caring about things that take place on a different shift. Communication and teamwork is the key.


A team of technicians may be tasked with making an inventory of equipment. Organizational skills can come in handy in such a situation. Also in a moment of crisis, your organizational skills will help you find the necessary equipment or information faster. 


Datacenter technicians have to be flexible almost to a fault. Emergencies are not uncommon in this job, and when there is a crisis, it has to be resolved fast. A data center technician can be called in at any hour. The job involves a certain amount of physical strain. Having a lot of stamina definitely helps.

Wrapping up

The average salary of data center technicians in the USA is in the vicinity of $80,000 per annum. In India, the figure is around ₹7.5 lakh per annum. It is a decent career option for hardworking and passionate individuals. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed as a data center technician? 

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