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Rahul Kohli from “Haunting of Bly Manor” calls out Golden Globes

Rahul Kohli from "Haunting of Bly Manor" calls out Golden Globes
Rahul Kohli from "Haunting of Bly Manor" calls out Golden Globes

The Haunting of Bly Manor star, Rahul Kohli  publicly did call out the Golden Globes 2021 for not being able to recognize his co-actor, T’Nia Miller.

Kohli, who was the chef Owen Sharma on the Netflix anthology, condemned the Golden Globe Awards for disdaining the series and, in specific, the acting of his co-actor T’Nia Miller, who was staged as Hannah Grose. Kohli said, “Hello [Golden Globes 2021]. T’nia. Miller. You done fucked up.” The feeling was thereafter echoed by series creator Mike Flanagan, who again said an “Amen.” 

The Haunting of Bly Manor is equal portions of eerie-drama and goth romance that casts Victoria Pedretti as “Dani” ,that is Danielle Clayton, an American governess hired to look after two recently abandoned children in an English speaking country estate: Bly Manor. Inspire of the warm gesture of welcome she gets from the children and her  co-worker, it quickly becomes comprehensible that the household and the building itself are concealing several sinister and grievous secrets. One of which in particular, has something with the weird behaviour of Miller’s personality.

Rahul Kohli from "Haunting of Bly Manor" calls out Golden Globes
Rahul Kohli from “Haunting of Bly Manor” calls out Golden Globes

Miller gave an emotive representation as the magnificent estate’s long-time chambermaid, Hannah Grose. Her belief, benevolent heart and affectionate attachment with Kohli’s persona was truly just beneath the surface, making small notes of comfort while the disastrous secrets of Bly Manor started to slowly come to light and unravel the edges of Grose’s sane mind. In the course of the short horror-series, Miller wrestles with her character’s mortality which needed her to save those she loves from the plagued curse on the palace which traps and frightens everybody who are in it. The British actress is again set to act as Stanley Tucci in a new coming AMC drama sequence La Fortuna.Haunting of Bly Manor is now available to watch on Netflix, as well its first anthology season, The Haunting of Hill House.

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