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Reaction Videos Under Observation By Twitter

Reaction Videos Under Observation By Twitter

Twitter has only been without Fleets for a few months, but the business is already experimenting with a new video format of reaction videos. The business is experimenting with a new “Tweet Take” feature that lets users share response videos alongside Quote Tweets.

What Changes is Twitter Planning with Reaction Videos?

Instead of the standard retweet or Quote Tweet, Twitter users may now send a “Quote Tweet with response.” The firm refers to them as “Tweet Takes,” and they can be either a photo or a video. With the original tweet placed as a card on top.

The notion is comparable to Twitter’s short-lived Fleets function, which let users to post tweets in full-screen format with their own commentary. Fleets, of course, never took off, and the function was removed less than a month after it was introduced.

These response videos, unlike Fleets, will surface in the main timeline like any other tweet, however they will look considerably different from an usual retweet. (While users may record full-screen reactions, it’s unclear how they’ll show in the timeline.) We’ve contacted Twitter for further information.)

Creator Friendliness as a Priority

However, these “takes” resemble TikTok-style response reaction videos, which frequently use a remark or another user’s clip as the basis. While Twitter hasn’t always fostered this sort of connection in the past. The business has been working to develop more creator-friendly features, so this kind of experiment isn’t entirely unexpected.

Of course, much as Twitter users expressed worries about Fleets harass individuals. Personalized reaction videos appear to be the type of tool that may be used. It’s easy to see how these “Tweet Takes” may become problematic. Tweets are already a huge source of dunking and bullying, which Twitter has sought to prohibit at times. It’s also unclear how large the initial test will be – Twitter frequently displays new ideas and features in their early phases. But not all of them make it through the testing stage.

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