Reasons to Get into Nursing

Reasons to Get into Nursing

People take up different careers for all sorts of reasons. Nursing is a path that remains a popular one to a wide range of people from all walks of life. Are you thinking of getting into nursing yourself? Here are some of the reasons why this could prove to be the perfect path.

Range of Training Options

As you would expect, nurses have to go through rigorous training, but these courses are available more widely than ever before. They are also highly accessible with online courses being offered by the likes of Marymount University. This means that people can fit them in more easily around the rest of their lives, which is perfect for those who are looking for a career change. Also, there are opportunities for online bachelor degree for human services and those who are already involved in nursing to enter further training to advance further up the ladder. You’ll also have opportunities to complete the courses at your own pace, which is highly useful for those who already live a busy life.

Opportunity for Continuous Employment

While technology is changing the world in a big way and some jobs that seemed certain in past times are becoming more and more unstable, nursing is a career path that provides a greater level of stability. This is mostly due to the fact that many countries are aging at a rapid rate. As the demographic of these nations gets older, the number of health problems that they are likely to suffer from also increases, which means that there is a greater need for care. Therefore, if you’re looking for a career in which your future employment is protected, nursing certainly fits the bill. Overall, a nursing shortage is something that many hospitals and healthcare clinics have found themselves confronted with, which works in your favor when it comes to remaining employed on a continuous basis.

Fast-Paced Environment

If you are looking for the kind of job that allows you to sit there twiddling your thumbs and waiting for something to do all day, nursing certainly isn’t it. This is a job that is highly fast-paced, and you never really know what you are going to be doing from one hour to the next. While there are bound to be challenges along the way, this is also an invigorating feeling for many people. Some people like a job in which they feel like they are needed – nursing certainly fits the bill here as well.

Make a Difference

Following on from the previous point, a lot of people get frustrated when they feel like they are doing a job that does not really make a difference to lives. This is certainly not the case when it comes to nursing. On the contrary, you are helping people out when they are most in need and vulnerable. This does not mean that it is always going to be easy. You are always going to encounter some people that are difficult to deal with. At the same time, you will also experience immense gratitude and a feeling of making a difference from both a personal and a professional standpoint.

Develop and Specialize

While some nurses prefer to keep their job fairly general, there are others who want to go deep into a certain aspect of their career path to develop and specialize. Many people just picture nurses working in hospitals, but there are all sorts of other environments in which you could find yourself including corporate clinics, care facilities, and even emergency flights. As for the areas of specialism that you could work towards, you could become an emergency nurse, mental health nurse, or even a nurse practitioner. If you find that one particular area is not the right one for you, the opportunity is always going to be there to pivot into a different area of specialism entirely.

Steady Salary

We live in a world in which the gig economy is running riot. This means that a lot of people simply do not know where their next pay check is going to come from. However, nursing is one of those traditional industries that still offers an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. At the same time, you are likely to have other in-work benefits such as paid vacation days, health insurance, and a pension scheme. For people who like to have this sense of stability in their lives, this still remains a highly attractive option to them.

Well-Respected Job Role

While it may not be your number one reason for entering one job role ahead of another, you will certainly receive plenty of respect for what you do and gratitude as well. This can help to provide you with an even greater sense of personal satisfaction – particularly during the more stressful times of your career. With so much focus placed on public health over the past year, the level of respect and admiration that you receive is likely to be even greater than ever before. This is great for self-esteem.

Variety of Working Hours

Of course, not every nurse is able to control their shift pattern. However, as you move further through your career, it is more likely that you are going to be able to control this as a condition of being employed at a particular place. This means that if you are not into the standard nine to five pattern, you are able to set the hours in that you can deliver your best work. This is obviously a highly desirable option that can be particularly appealing to many people.

While everyone has a different reason why they may want to get into nursing, these are just a few of the most common out there. Perhaps one of them, or several of them, have inspired you to follow this path. Without a doubt, it is a job that will always be needed in our society, and you will certainly be fighting the good fight if you decide to embark upon this particular career.


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