Reasons Why AI-Assisted Human Transcription is Here to Stay

Reasons Why AI-Assisted Human Transcription is Here to Stay
Reasons Why AI-Assisted Human Transcription is Here to Stay

There is a lot of valuable video and audio content out there for your business. However, this might not be in the form that you need. There is where transcription services come in and can create the text that you desire. Indeed, these services are proving to be very popular with the rise in technology and businesses requiring transcribed content on demand.

Of course, transcription services have also evolved with the times. Artificial intelligence or AI is now assisting human transcriptionists, allowing them to do their job better. Let’s take a look at the reasons why AI-assisted human transcription is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Helps to Reduce Errors

Manual transcriptionists are usually great at their jobs and have experience. But there is always the risk of making errors. This can happen through incorrect hearing of the audio, a simple typing error or other mistakes that go unspotted during editing. Of course, there are plenty of businesses and industries that cannot afford for mistakes to happen. For example, the medical and legal professions.

The good thing about AI-assisted human transcription is that smart technology can help to reduce errors. It can work as a check and balance system, allowing a transcriptionist to do their job and have a backup. With high levels of accuracy, you can know that there is minimal chance of there being errors in your documents.

Allows Faster Turnaround Times

If you have used transcription services before, you will be aware of the turnaround times. If you have a complex audio file or a lot of work that needs to be transcribed, this can take longer than you may want. But with the help of smart technology, AI-assisted human transcription allows work to be completed faster. Efficiency is vastly improved, which helps the transcriptionists, as well as businesses. Everybody wins.

For example, captioning software can help create captions for any type of video in half the time than if it was done manually. The software can work itself to turn any video into one with captions. Then a transcriptionist can simply check the work to ensure that it is correct. The whole service is quicker. So, if you have any deadlines looming or you need to finish a project as soon as possible, artificial intelligence is going to help the process.

Helps You Save Money

Transcription services cost money. You are paying a price based on a variety of factors. For example, this can be down to the turnaround time, the complexity of the audio, length of the audio and experience of the transcriptionist. If you have used this type of service on a regular basis, you can know that the prices soon add up. But since artificial intelligence helps to speed up the process and allows transcriptionists with lower levels of experience to jump on board, this can lower the price for you. You can still enjoy an accurate transcription service thanks to smart technology. But you can enjoy it at a lower price.

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