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Release Date Of Big Mouth Season 5 Revealed in New Poster

Big Mouth Season 5

Netflix has recently announced that the Big Mouth Season 5 is coming on their platform in November 2021. The creators of this adult-animated sitcom are Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, Nick Kroll, and Mark Levin. The series is somewhat related to the upbringing of Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll. Therefore, it consists of the personal experiences of puberty throughout these creators’ youth. 

What casting to expect from the 5th season of Big Mouth? 

The viewers can expect to witness the below-mentioned casting for the upcoming season of Big Mouth:

  • Maya Rudolph playing Connie the Hormone Monstress. 
  • Jessi Klein giving voice for Jessi Glaser.
  • Ayo Edebiri plays the role of Missy Foreman Greenwald. 
  • Thandie Newton playing the role of Mona the Hormone Monstress.
  • Nick Kroll gave voice for Nick Birch, Coach Steve, Maury the Hormone Monster, and Lola.
  • John Mulaney played the role of Babe the Blue Ox and Andrew Glouberman.
  • Jason Mantzoukas giving voice for Jay Bilzerian.
  • Andrew Rannels playing the role of Matthew. 

Big Mouth Season 5: What to expect from the Upcoming Season?

The first season of Big Mouth was full of anxiety. At the end of the fourth season, all major characters like Andrew, Nick, and their friends could overcome their fears to a certain extent. As they become more aware of their real self, it allowed the Tilto the Mosquito to decrease its size dramatically. Also, Jessie got consumed by the Gratiload. 

Therefore, in the upcoming season, the viewers may see that the group has become more confident about their individual existence and has finally overcome the anxiety issues. However, the viewers can expect to witness a higher number of creatures with hormonal features who would invade their lives in possibly the worst time. The idea would probably be based on most of the hormonal teenagers, who are interested in learning about this globe. 

In the first season, Nick lost the connection with his ex-best friend Andrew. However, during the course of successive seasons, Nick had reconciled the bond with Andrew again. Therefore, Nick had overcome all sorts of anxious thoughts about his future. Moreover, he has defeated the evil alter ego with the assistance of his friends. Therefore, in the Big Mouth Season 5, the viewers can expect Nick to be more strong and confident. However, Rick because of his hormone monster, would probably still struggle with the issues being a teenager. 

Also, just like Nick, the viewers can expect Andrew to be opting for a girlfriend in the 5th season. Jessy would probably still suffer from anxiety issues, but the Depression Kitty and Tito would probably lose their previous hold on her. Moreover, the viewers can expect more weird antics from the characters of Mona and Missy. The next season would also explore the proper balance between Matthew’s relationship with Aiden and his home life. 


1. What is the expected release date of Big Mouth Season 5?

During the TUDUM event of Netflix, Nick Kroll, the actor, and creator of Big Mouth said that the 5th season is going to arrive on the 5th of November 2021. 

2. Will there be a sixth season of Big Mouth on Netflix? 

During the renewal of the fourth season of Big Mouth, Netflix has also confirmed the renewal for the next two seasons. 

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