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Release Of Afghanistan’s Assets Demanded By The Protesters

Release Of Afghanistan’s Assets Demanded By The Protesters

On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters marched through Kabul’s streets toward the U.S. Embassy, requesting the release of Afghanistan’s assets. The demonstrators yelled slogans and marched down a central road, holding banners stating Let us eat and Give us our frozen money, with the ruling Taliban providing security.

The condition of the country is really bad. They need help. There are no jobs. The economy is facing huge losses. This new rule has brought the country on its knees. The world has its eyes on the country. We all are there in the tough times. The UN is also working hard for the people. Let us know more about the sufferings of the people of Afghanistan.

Taliban took over everything of the people

Following the Taliban’s takeover of the country in mid-August, international funding to Afghanistan was halted, and billions of dollars in the government’s assets overseas, principally in the United States, were frozen.

Release of Afghanistan’s assets needed to bring the economy on track

Lack of funding has wreaked havoc on Afghanistan’s already ailing economy, resulting in rising poverty and warnings from aid organisations of impending humanitarian disaster. This list includes doctors, teachers, and administrative government servants. Banks, on the other hand, have limited the amount of money account holders can withdraw.

Due to the armed group’s historical track record, no government has yet officially acknowledged the country’s new Taliban authorities. Women and girls are barred from education and public life. Moreover, it also required men to wear beards and attend prayers, outlawed sports and entertainment, and carried out public executions.

Different government and an equally different rule

Current Taliban government leaders, on the other hand, have stated that their rule will be different. Moreover, eventually allowing all females to attend school, and have urged the international world to release cash and assist in averting a humanitarian crisis.

The Associated Press owns the copyright to this image until 2021.The country is going through a tough phase. They all need help and have urged the organisations to favour them. 

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