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Risks Of Outsourcing Game Development

Risks Of Outsourcing Game Development

Outsourcing is very profitable for business. But certain risks and difficulties may arise when concluding a contract and further using such a service. IT outsourcing is believed to reduce costs and allow an organization to focus on running its core business. Therefore, the rapid development of the IT outsourcing market is primarily due to the fact that IT outsourcing allows companies to reduce indirect costs. However, not everyone agrees with this. According to various studies, no more than 75% of companies believe that the use of outsourcing has allowed them to achieve significant savings. Recently, in Europe, about 40% of telecommunications companies have abandoned IT outsourcing services.It’s due to problems. And there is non-compliance with the price / quality criterion.

What is game development?

Risks Of Outsourcing Game Development

Many gamers enjoy playing game after game and demanding more from the developers, but have no idea how long it takes to create video games. Depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the implementation of its individual components, the production of one game can take several months. Or it can grow into years of hard work.

That is why developing video games is a titanic work that is even more difficult than making films. The process is complex and demands attention.

To reduce costs, the last two options are usually used in 2d art outsourcing.

The transition to game development outsourcing is a rather complicated process. It can last more than six months. Therefore, the customer needs to be patient. Because during this period it will be necessary to manage both to establish various technical processes. He can convince its own personnel that the transfer of some functions to a specialized company – an outsourcer. And it is actually necessary.

The main problems

One of the most common difficulties during the transition to IT outsourcing is that many enterprise customers simply do not consider the risks and difficulties. They may await them. Since all outsourcing processes have not yet been studied in detail in our country, there is a high probability that different companies will repeat the same standard errors. And, perhaps, the most serious of them is an insufficiently responsible approach to the intricacies of delegating the responsibilities of IT infrastructure maintenance to a third-party organization.

It is generally accepted that the main tasks of the transition period are:

  • changing the conditions of service of the enterprise information system;
  • “Acclimatization” of personnel with the study of their new responsibilities and rules;
  • prescribing all processes and regulations for interaction.

All this may require a lot of effort. And this must be taken into account when deciding to use a convenient and profitable option. It helps to solve the problem of technical support for information infrastructure.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan the transition itself in advance. It must be literally from the moment when it was decided to transfer certain tasks to a profiled company. This is due to the fact that otherwise the employees of the client company will not be able to quickly get involved in the process. This will negatively affect the effectiveness of cooperation with the outsourcing company. Also it influences the timing of the project.

Risks Of Outsourcing Game Development

Possible Solution 

To ease the difficulties of the transition you can organize customer service. It helps to improve the effectiveness of the relationship with the IT service provider. It is the body within the customer company that is responsible for the relationship with the contractor. Difficulties often arise not at all due to the fault of the outsourcer. But due to the client’s inability to manage the process. Therefore, the customer’s service is created – as a link between the customer and the outsourcing organization. It is also engaged in setting tasks for it. Thus, the success of IT outsourcing implementation in the enterprise as a whole may depend on the efficiency of the customer’s service.

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