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Riverdale Bidding Farewell to F.P.Jones

Riverdale Bidding Farewell to F.P.Jones
Riverdale Bidding Farewell to F.P.Jones

Heading towards The CW’s Riverdale Season 5, it was already unleased that Skeet Ulrich, who acts Jughead’s father F.P. Jones, would no longer continue in the series. But it was something all fans knew. Hence the grand question of the beginning few episodes was how will the mob-favorite character do his leaving: would he disastrously go low in the flames of glory or he would just go into the sunset?

In the preceding episode of Riverdale, the recognition of the Auteur was ultimately revealed. For longtime, the inhabitants of Riverdale were scared by basic videos filming the frontface of their abodes and recreating ghastly murders from the town’s current history. So Jughead and Betty were trying to discern the identification of the Auteur since a long time, up until the former discovered this twisted movie maker was in real his small sister, Jellybean.

Riverdale Bidding Farewell to F.P.Jones
Riverdale Bidding Farewell to F.P.Jones

Though Jellybean did have no malicious ambition. She originally instigated filming the videos to hinder her brother from abandoning the town by providing him a new riddle that would hinder him from moving to Stonewall Prep. However as she included her friends, stuffs only got bigger. “Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation,” does it cristal clear which is the outcome of Jellybean and her mates blossoming in a town ghosted by muderers and dark mysteries.

Thus, F.P. concludes to the most logical conclusion: that he has to take Jellybean away from here and to her mom in Toledo. Nevertheless , given all the assistance she needs, he observes she would require her father with her. Regrettably, this is meaning towards F.P. has to break apart with Betty’s mother, Alice, bidding adieu to the life he created in Riverdale for the previous several years

Though Riverdale had killed off characters afore, the series atleast chose to keep F.P. living, which might mean that again down the road, the persona could always come back for a guest appearance, to give assistance to his son or else to drive as a Serpent again once.

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