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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review: Latest Update

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review: Latest Update

Samsung is acquiring a better position or improving day by day with its laptops. Now, the Samsung laptop has much more to offer than before: it has a curving display and design muscle with the Galaxy Book Flex. The company is concentrating on the strategy of working hard on the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360. 

The amazing features of this product include the Amoled panels, a speak body design, and a long-lasting battery. In addition, the Galaxy Book Pro is now available in clamshell and switchable variants, and 13 – and 15 – inch sizes. The impressive part about the 15 – inch Book Pro is that the company offers a backslid with the latest laptop. 

New best & unique design of the Galaxy Book Pro – 360 

The 15-inch Galaxy Book pro is very light weighted, the outer look is similar to the MacBook, with a spherical rectangular structure and a barely tapering base. There are some eye-catching colors available for the Galaxy Book Pro 360 like blue, bronze and this is somewhat similar to the copperish hue on the Samsung flagship Galaxy phones, silver or gold. For the majority of people, the old traditional laptop will work but, for all those who want a touchscreen without any keyboard, the new Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the best.

Furthermore, it carries three USB – C sockets, out of which one socket supports Thunderbolt 4, a headphone jack, and a microSD and reader. Unlike the older Samsung laptop, they are placed at the top right of the keyboard. 

How is the Galaxy Book Pro – 360’s display different from the older one?

The new nook pro series has used Samsung’s smile panels which assures better contrast ratios and additional precise colors. Samsung also allows the user to select the color profile for the display, for instance, vivid, natural, photo editing, and movie. These options will shift the screen to the AMOLED native, RGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3 color spectrums accordingly. Moreover, you can also put it to auto mode and let the laptop decide which model you need with the preference of what you are doing. 

Amazing battery backup of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – 360!

Samsung mentioned it has a battery life of 16 hours or 20 hours of pure video playback. It’s a new 65 – watt fast charger that guarantees to be fully charged up in just 30 minutes. 

These were some of the astonishing features of the new Samsung edition Galaxy Book Pro – 360. It is a good handy laptop and user-friendly device with not very technicality. A must-buy product!

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