Scaling Up? Know the Pros and Cons!

Scaling Up? Know the Pros and Cons!

If you are planning on expanding your business, the concept of scaling up requires approaching a number of different methods to ensure that it is suitable for the market and the customers, while also being profitable. Scaling up is a very tricky strategy, but if you get it right you can tip the balance firmly in your favor because you’ve analyzed the capabilities of the company and the market to iron out any previous mistakes. This is why you need to have an understanding of the pros and cons of scaling up effectively to make sure it suits you.

The Pros of Scaling Up


Growing your business is going to invariably bring more people into the fold, and when you are scaling up a company, you end up attracting new employees, as well as newer technologies. If your company is scalable, it will bring about results. This is why many businesses opt for financial injections in the form of lines of business credit. Organizations like Lendio are very popular in giving companies those injections they need.

Increased Performance

If you can scale up effectively, you can see the impacts on how your business performs better. Look at it from the perspective of the customer; scaling up allows you to see if the customers are getting what they’ve paid for. Scaling your business is going to increase performance because you either have more people operating or you’ve got something on a grander scale. This means you can put more resources into analyzing the right customers so you can target your service to them.

You Can Provide Better Services at the Right Price

A great scale-up will ensure the quality stays intact, but it’s also about the relation between the quality and price of a product. While you can’t believe that if you offer more quality this should be reflected in higher prices, the fact is that when you scale up a company, you will have a better opportunity to smooth this component out.

The Cons of Scaling Up

Problems With Workflow

The issue many companies have when they scale up their business is that they have to diversify their workflow. If there are more people on board, you can’t operate with the same mindset that you had prior to the upscaling. The solution is to share responsibilities by delegating them to a wider variety of line managers, but also ensure they can operate with the big picture in mind.

The Risk of Failure

When you upscale your business, you are increasing the amount you are offering, which can result in losing the quality along the way. This is especially true if the company grows quickly and more intensely. This means that many organizations operate with a mindset that they just have to push through and do what they did before scaling up, which is not effective.

Bringing New People In Too Quickly 

The hardest part of scaling up is arguably finding the right people. You need to ensure that you have a robust recruitment process because these people are going to need to get to work instantly.

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