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Scream Queens Season 3: Doubtful For Renewal On Netflix

Scream Queens Season 3

Are you waitting for the release of Scream Queens Season 3? Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan created the black comedy series, which premiered in 2015. (of which all three work with Netflix under overall deals). Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, and Abigail Breslin starred in Scream Queens.

After only 23 episodes, Fox opted not to press through with a third season (after initially pushing the series hard), and the series has remained inactive since 2016, albeit with glimmers of optimism. Of course, with Murphy’s massive overall agreement signed in 2018, some had hoped that his next projects for the streamer would include a resurrection of sorts.

Will Scream Queens Season 3 Get Renewal?

Jamie Lee Curtis was asked about the show’s chances of returning in an interview with Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast. She was promoting her new Halloween Kills film on Peacock.

Curtis portrayed Dr. Cathy Munsch in the film Scream Queens Season 3. When asked about the possibility of returning to the job in October 2021. “She’s not expecting a third season.  Although she did say she’d be working with Murphy again on a new project called Outfielder. Let us wait and watch what will happen

Why Will It Be Difficult For Netflix To Resurrect Scream Queens?

It’s not as simple as you may assume to bring a show back to life. 

Given that 20th Television is now owned by Disney, they may be wary of letting the franchise move to Netflix. However, it would only benefit their major competition.

So There You Have It: A Look At Whether Scream Queens Will Be On Netflix In 2021.

The answer appears to be a resounding no, but never say never.

Hence it implies that the stars would have to align in terms of production schedules.

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