ServiceNow IT Service Management Tools That Benefit Your Business

ServiceNow IT Service Management Tools That Benefit Your Business

Over the past few years, ServiceNow has emerged as a market leader among PaaS offerings, and its popularity continues to soar. Top-tier managers are prioritizing ServiceNow services because of their ability to revolutionize IT and businesses. Given its numerous advantages, ServiceNow’s widespread adoption is understandable.

Since its inception in the year 2003, ServiceNow has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing software businesses in history. The corporate cloud provider offers a service model that defines, structures, and automates workflow, streamlining service delivery by eliminating inefficient manual processes like email and spreadsheets. It eliminates the need for slow, laborious manual processes by providing all employees with a streamlined, “lightning-fast” service experience.

Trendsetter of IT Service Management Tools 

Over 200 vendors offer IT service management (ITSM) solutions to businesses in every industry. ServiceNow is at the forefront of this revolution. 

The lifespan of any given service is supported by several separate processes in IT service management. The latest developments in ITSM aim to provide employees with a digital experience on par with that provided to customers. 

A recent poll of chief information officers by Oxford Economics found that digital processes had boosted employee performance and productivity by over 75%. Hence, there is a solid demand in the ITSM tools market for solutions that may make professional lives more effective. 

Sector-specific ITSM Tools that are Worth Exploring

As businesses struggle to establish procedures and processes to make the most of new technologies along with the services that are built around those, ITSM tools are known to facilitate this. Here are some of the top department-specific tools that are designed to provide seamless support:

1. Technical Support Helpdesk

ServiceNow IT service management is a self-service site where employees may contact trained staff for IT help via live chat to have their questions answered immediately. In addition to online check-in, automated queue alert messages, appointment scheduling, and inventory management are also available.

2. Logistics for Human Resources Services

By integrating HR workflows with the rest of the company’s operations, ServiceNow tools make it possible to reduce the amount of time spent on manual processing of routine tasks like onboarding, orientation, and form filling. Overstock could recover one thousand days of lost productivity by combining ServiceNow with Workday and automating 115 tedious onboarding tasks.

3. Management of Field Operations

“Lightning fast” service replaces traditional management tools like spreadsheets and email, allowing field employees to be productive even when they are not in the office. Appointment booking, time slot flexibility, and offline mobile app access are just a few of the benefits of this module.

4. Software Engineering

App Engine makes it possible to create, test, and launch applications for business use with minimal to no coding experience. The app development module can help firms who don’t have access to in-house developers “bring new enterprise apps to the market in half the time and one-third of the cost.” 

5. Tackling Security Threats

Researching potential dangers may be done in under a minute with the help of ServiceNow’s automated tools. If you’re concerned about your company’s safety, the modules of ServiceNow services such as the Governance, Risk, and Compliance may help you prioritize vulnerabilities and handle incidents. Moreover, you can evaluate the results and see how well your security spending is paying off.

6. Customer Service Management

ServiceNow’s customer service management services include consulting, customization, migration, integration, development, testing, and support services. These services enable quick response times to customer concerns and increase customer retention. Moreover, ServiceNow’s intelligent case management services identify and resolve problems quickly

Benefits of Using ServiceNow IT Services 

The ServiceNow database for configuration management guarantees that all information technology assets and business service records are always accurate. Once it’s up and running, there isn’t much to customize, and you’ve essentially completed 75% of your work. Moreover, its modular nature makes implementation possible with minimal disruption to current systems and processes.

1. Procedures for Coordinating Organizational Resources

Management can customize organizations’ needs through ServiceNow’s range of automation solutions, which include IT operations management, HR service delivery, customer service management, risk, and compliance management, and more.

2. Superior Results

Management can achieve increased productivity and greater collaboration between operational staff and support teams like IT through automated and transparent service requests, issue management, procurement, and onboarding processes.

3. Automating the Integration of Business Tools

IT operations, HR service delivery, customer service management, risk and compliance management, and other services can all be connected and automated with ServiceNow. By integrating and automating these tools, ServiceNow enables quick turnaround times, increases flexibility, and enhances collaboration.


Right-sizing the company’s ServiceNow package is essential to making it a successful IT service management system. Each business may begin with a customized version of the ServiceNow platform based on its unique needs and goals and add extra functionalities as required. The ServiceNow platform facilitates real-time interaction, teamwork, and resource pooling through automated workflows. A ServiceNow platform can thus help firms increase output and efficiency.

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