Should You Permanently Homeschool Your Child?

Should You Permanently Homeschool Your Child?
Should You Permanently Homeschool Your Child?

In 2020, parents have taken on many new roles. With children being off school for a very long time, you often had to play the role of a full-time teacher. You needed to ensure your child kept up their education while schools were closed. Some schools have reopened, and you might be eager to let your child get back in the classroom. However, some of you may have enjoyed homeschooling and seen some improvements in your child’s educational performance. In which case, should you seriously consider teaching them from home all the time?

It’s a very tricky question as there’s no right or wrong answer. What works for one child might not work for yours. You’ll find a few talking points below that might help you come to a decision…

A bespoke learning experience

If you teach your child at home, you control their learning experience. Effectively, it’s tailored to them. They learn in a way that appeals to them – one they respond to better than traditional learning. As a result, you might be able to unlock their potential, and you can decide what to teach them. For older children, this could mean teaching them valuable life skills like how to cook, how to work out taxes, etc. 

Much safer for your child

Homeschooling is also significantly safer than sending your child to school. There are some pretty shocking statistics surrounding child sexual assault in schools. The worst thing is, hardly any children get justice as barely any cases go to trial. Of the ones that do, only around 5 percent have medical evidence sufficient enough to win. Obviously, if your child is at home, they’re protected from anything like this. Listen, there’s every chance your child can go to school and be absolutely fine the whole time. But, there’s still more of a risk than there is at home. Similarly, there are no bullies to worry about when homeschooling, which also might appeal to your child. 

Missing out on social skills

I would say the main problem with homeschooling is that your child will miss out on lots of socializing. The great thing about schools is that kids make friends and hang out with one another. If you keep your child at home, they might become outcasts. Sure, they can still see friends after school and on weekends – and there are loads of ways to stay in touch these days. But, they might miss out on developing key social skills if they’re at home. 

More work for you

If you seriously want to do this, you have to realize that it means more work for you. This isn’t something you can be relaxed about – you’ll have to plan lessons, mark homework, etc. While you only have one student, it’s still a lot of effort on your behalf. Consider whether or not you can fit this into your daily schedule. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours. I think that’s also an important thing to remember; you make this decision, nobody else. Speak to your child and see what they think about the whole situation. From here, you can both decide what to do. 

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