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Showbox Apk v5.23: How to download for iOS , Android and Windows?



showbox apk

In the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Showbox has acted as a blessing in disguise for Android, iOS users. Showbox is the video streaming app which offers free movies and TV shows for free. Moreover, you get the freedom to download those bits and watch them later.

Showbox has become one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to the binge-watchers.

Undoubtedly, Showbox is the app which every movie lover is looking for nowadays. And, all its popularity comes to halt because of the amazing features the app provides.

Showbox app brings loads of movies and TV shows in its package. Some of them are paid and others are the ones which we can view for free. Though it has more than 12k movies and 20k TV shows,  the app still comes with new watchable with its every update. As movie lovers, we love to watch prints that are completely HD and have the best audio-visual quality. Showbox ensures that the users are enjoying HD quality video content. The best part about it is you can download the content in your required video format.

The Showbox app gives you an easy and dynamic user interface which makes it look eye-catchy and not so complicated for newbies. Moreover, you can download your favorite movies to watch them later. And, kid you not, Showbox download movies lightning fast as does it stream movies.

For all these amazing features, just download Showbox apk and register yourself there. That’s it! Now you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows at no cost.

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NOTE: Showbox is not available at Google Play Store. So, to download this app, you have to search for the Showbox apk file from the different websites. Not to worry, you will find the Showbox apk easily.

How to download Showbox apk for Android?

  • To download the Showbox Apk, first, check that your device installs drivers/apps from unknown sources or not.
  • If your device has already permitted to do that, jump to the next step.
  • If your device hasn’t permitted this, just go to device settings and enable unknown sources. For this go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the site from you want to download Showbox apk file. Go to the download link and download your file.
  • Just locate the file wherever you want and click on install button.
  • After installation, start the app and do the required formalities.

How to download Showbox for Windows?

  • Start it off with Google’s Chrome Browser to install ARC welder extension in it.
  • In the Chrome, go to extensions and search for ARC welder extension.
  • Now, click on the “Add to Chrome extension” button and download it.
  • After downloading and installation are completed, restart the Chrome browser.
  • As ARC welder will act as an Android emulator, you will see apps option on the top left corner of the chrome browser.
  • Choose ARC welder app and download Showbox apk from the website.
  • With some permissions and stuff, the apk will be added and you can click the “Test” button to run that Showbox apk.
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How to download Showbox for iOS?

  • For installing the video streaming app, Showbox in iOS devices, download the vShare app first.
  • Download The vShare app on your PC first.
  • After the downloading and installation, connect your iOS device to the PC.
  • Now install that vShare software on your iOS device. Keep in mind- You don’t need to jailbreak the device just to install the app.
  • After downloading, just grant some permissions and proceed further.
  • After installing vShare in your iOS device, look for Showbox in it.
  • Now install Showbox from there.
  • You will get some instruction on the screen. Just follow them and it will lead to a successful installation.
  • When all is set, you can stream any of your favorite movie, TV Show in the Showbox app.

Currently, Showbox is using its v5.23 and that fixed some bugs and brought some new crazy features in its package.

Showbox v5.23 new features

  • Users complaints had been given justice this time as the interface which was not responsive has been taken care of and fixed.
  • Placing a floating button was earlier causing issues to the users but with Showbox v5.09, this bug has got fixed, and now you can straightforwardly place a floating button on the right corner of the screen to start last played media.
  • Unlike previous times, Showbox now loads at a faster rate which overcomes the annoying slow speed criticized by users. Although it was due to backend issues, now Showbox confirms and proudly says that it has been resolved.
  • Some users have reported that the download feature would not work properly and also that the downloading of a particular file would stop automatically without completion. This issue has been taken care of and the bug has been fixed.
  • Now, selecting a manual language is possible and it wasn’t possible before.
  • A new feature to open your videos has been added in Showbox app.
  • Not only this, Showbox has added some inbuilt games in it which users will surely enjoy. The games can be enjoyed when users don’t have a stable internet connection.
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So, here we come to the end of guidelines to download the Showbox apk for your Android, iOS and Windows device. All you have to do is follow the above steps and you can binge watch your favorite movies and TV series.

Though people have shown some discomforts using this app, so you can also switch to Megabox. It is also the video streaming app which provides the latest TV shows and movies to watch. Like the Showbox, you can download the content and watch them later too. There are not many complain though, but if you feel bit uncomfy using it- Megabox is also a good option to switch.

What are your opinions about this crazy loaded feature app, Showbox? Tell us in comments section below.

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