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Silent Sea Season 2: The Story Unfolds Further

Silent Sea Season 2: The Story Unfolds Further

With the premiere of Park Eun-adaption Kyo’s of The Sea of Tranquility, The Silent Sea season 2, K-Dramas on Netflix brought an eventful 2021 to a close. Many fans will be wondering if the K-Drama will be renewed in the near future, since it is already popular in dozens of countries across the world. However, Netflix has yet to renew the K-Drama. We’ll keep you up to date on everything you need to know about season 2 of The Silent Sea on Netflix.

Choi Hang-yang directs The Silent Sea, an upcoming Netflix Original sci-fi K-Drama series. Park Eun-Kyo, who helped adapt Choi Han-2014 yang’s short film The Sea of Tranquility into a television series, wrote the series.

The Silent Sea has been available to view on Netflix for approximately two weeks at the time of writing. This implies that, because Netflix hasn’t confirmed a renewal ahead of the premiere of the first season, it’s still too early to make a choice.

Netflix frequently takes at least a month to gather all necessary data in order to determine whether an Original is worth renewing for a second season.

How well a series does on Top Ten lists throughout the world can be an early sign that it will be renewed.

Silent Sea Season 2: The Story Unfolds Further

Is there a need for a second season of The Silent Sea?

Naturally, the topic of whether or not The Silent Sea needs a second season is subjective, and you’ll receive a variety of responses. However, we’d be astonished if The Silent Sea got renewed for a second season as it now stands.

While the plot moved slowly, many of the concerns that had been raised during the series were resolved by the conclusion. Not to mention that a large percentage of the key cast perished throughout the course of the series.

Doctor Song, Doctor Hong, and Luna are the only ones left standing by the end of episode 8.

Two of the original eleven members of the expedition are still alive, leaving just the lady to survive and all the men to perish.

If a second season were to be made, it would necessitate an almost entirely new cast, which is unheard of. Even most anthology series have a recurring cast, but with the majority of the original characters deceased. It’s difficult to see how the show might continue through the end.

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