Simple Steps To Make Working From Home Work For You

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Working from home is the new norm. While some employees have returned to the office, many companies across the world have switched to home working on a permanent basis or hybrid solutions. If you are going to be working from home more frequently in the future, it’s essential to ensure that the environment works for you. Here are some simple steps to follow. 

Establish a routine

One of the main differences employees who were used to working in an office found while staying at home during the pandemic was a lack of routine. When you have to be in a certain place at a set time each day, you get into the habit of getting up, getting ready, traveling to the office and then finishing at a set time and making your way home. When you work from home, this routine goes out of the window, but it is beneficial to establish a new regime. Routines can increase productivity and ensure you enjoy a healthy work-life balance. If you have core working hours, you can choose how to spend your time outside of this period. If you are a morning person, for example, you may prefer to get up and start work early and then finish at 4 pm instead of working until 6 pm or later. Try to find time in your schedule for regular breaks and exercise.

Make space

It can be difficult to concentrate if you’re trying to work in a living room or take calls in the kitchen. If you’re working from home on a long-term basis, it’s beneficial to set aside a space where you will be able to enjoy peace and quiet and focus. If you have a spare bedroom, an attic room, a dining room, two living rooms or a conservatory, for example, you could add a desk and chair and create a more versatile space that can double up as an office. If you don’t have a spare room you can use, create a quiet corner in the living room and encourage housemates or family members to use other rooms while you are working. You could also consider solutions like adding a garden room or a log cabin to your garden or yard if there is a lack of space indoors. 

Get organized

Clutter can increase stress levels and make it harder to concentrate and find everything you need to be productive at work. Once you have a dedicated workspace, get organized with storage solutions, such as Tylko’s wall unit shelving and filing cabinets and trays. You can make a feature of shelves and units to make the room more practical and functional without detracting from the aesthetic. Try to tidy up before you finish each day to prevent papers from collecting on your desk and books and files gathering dust. 

Prioritize mental health

Many people have found it hard to adjust to working from home because they miss having social contact with others and they feel claustrophobic staring at the same four walls. Prioritize your mental health. Take breaks, exercise regularly, get fresh air every day and socialize with friends and family outside of working hours. Give yourself time to relax and have fun and try to forget about work once you have logged off. 

Millions of people all over the world are working from home. If you’re going to be at home more frequently in the future, it’s essential to make it work for you.

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