Simple Ways To Look Sharp At The Workplace

Simple Ways To Look Sharp At The Workplace

Gore Vidal once stated that,“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

At times you may get in the zone where you feel not as smart or fashionable as everyone else. The workplace is not an exemption. You may compare yourself with your colleagues and come up short. You may feel like your colleagues know a little about being sharp and smart, while you know nothing.

Here are a few tips to stay sharp and smart.

Tidy Your Hair

Your hair is your crown. Whether short or long, braided or not, your hair needs tidying. Regularly washing your hair prevents the buildup of dirt and oil. It leaves your hair smelling nice and makes it manageable. You can degrease unwashed hair by rubbing powder on it.

If you don’t have the time to style your hair every morning, you can choose a haircut that best reflects who you are. It is important to remain true to yourself and to what works for you.


Accessorising reflects your style and personality. First, you need to find the perfect accessories at dynamicgift. Accessories can be watches, belts or jewellery and are used to show your true nature. It does not cost an arm and a leg to accessorise your outfit. For a belt, it is important to invest in a black one as it blends with almost every outfit. For jewellery, ensure you keep it in the down low. You do not want to be overly accessorised. Moderation is key.

A lovely bag or wallet will also make you stylish. You may think carrying a bag is a hassle, but once you get used to it, you will never leave your house without it. Your bag is one statement piece that will help you achieve a sharp look. Choose a bag to go with your taste and what you intend to carry in it. A good bag makes carrying your mobile gadgets hassle-free. Also, choose your wallet for functionality and according to your needs.

Wear Clean Shoes

Dirty or muddy shoes leave you looking unkempt. It is essential to wipe off dust or mud from your shoes before entering your workplace. If your shoes are leather, you can polish them using a horsehair brush and shoe polish. Regular cleaning and maintenance make them last longer. It is important to invest in shoes that are comfortable and suitable for your workplace.

Shine With Your Outfit

Choose to be official over casual except on the day when casual wear is allowed. Invest in quality suits that fit you well. Modesty is king. Also, ensure you are dressed decently. The simpler the outfit, the better. Knowing how to layer your outfit will help add a touch of class to your look. It makes your outfit more interesting.  However, ensure you do not overdo it. You will look collected and seem like you have everything figured out in life. The beauty of layering is that when it gets warm, you can take one layer off and remain smart and sharp.

It is important to have your outfit planned. That way, you have ample time to make the perfect selections and colour combinations for the outfit. You can plan your outfits on the weekend and put each day’s outfit on a hanger. Planning your outfit will ensure you look sharp and save you time as it helps you prepare for work quickly.

When buying clothes, choose those that match your personality and style.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene boosts your self-esteem and overall mood. Being neat will instantly make you look sharp.  Smelling good is an important piece to your outfit. It is essential to invest in a good antiperspirant. White teeth also boost your confidence. If needed, you can seek dental services to whiten and align your teeth properly.

Also, a breath mint is your best friend. After eating, you can chew on one to freshen your breath. Eating veggies and fruits with vitamin C can help remove any food particles in your mouth. Other foods you can use are yoghurt, high fibre fruits, and coriander seeds, among others.


Whether you are rich or poor, it is important to take care of yourself.  An overgrown beard drains your outfit of its beauty. It is ok to grow a beard, but you should know how to trim and maintain it to achieve that sharp look. A simple trim can make you look elegant. If you cannot keep your beard, you can shave it off using a straight razor to look professionally done. It will save you money and make you look good. For a professional and stylish look, a little grooming is all you need.

Your Posture

You can do all the above to look smart and sharp, but if you slouch, you will not look good. Bad posture is known to lead to back pain and chronic headaches. Normalise standing tall to maintain good posture and consequently good health for your body. Also, ensure your chair at the workplace is comfortable and supports your back correctly.

A good posture also gives your clothes a better fit and improves your confidence. Carry yourself in a way that exudes elegance. Keep your head held high, straighten your back, and push your chest out.

Your Skills

In addition to your physical appearance, you can add mental sharpness by enrolling in courses that give you relevant skills to your workplace. By increasing your knowledge, you position yourself as a go-to person for your colleagues when facing challenges. You may invest in an IT or sociology course. The course’s aim is to increase your value in the workplace. Find out some excellent courses you can begin to improve your mental aptitude and keep you sharp and smart in your workplace.

You can also learn some tailoring basics to help you do some quick fixes on your clothes. You do not want to skip wearing your favourite blouse because it needs a button sewn. Some fixes are not worth the money investment as you can easily do them for yourself.  You can close rips, sew buttons, stitch up your hemline, and apply patches in the comfort of your home.


Your style should reflect your personality. In addition to the above points, it is essential to feel good about yourself and be comfortable in your skin. Happiness is intrinsic and goes a long way to boost your confidence. Trying to mimic the style of your colleagues will only end up being an epic fail because you will not be true to yourself. As you choose your outfits, be guided by your happiness and the ability to be yourself as you dorn them. Finally, put on a smile.

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