Skid Steer Root Rake Features & Benefits

Skid Steer Root Rake Features & Benefits
Skid Steer Root Rake Features & Benefits

Take on challenging landscaping, gardening, tree service or farming projects today with a skid steer root rake. Explore the features and benefits of this versatile attachment and combine them with a skid steer flail mower to enjoy a manicured lawn, cultivated garden or professional landscaping project. Don’t settle for anything but the best in terms of price, durability and convenience for your skid steer attachments.

Convenient Attachment

Connect your root take with any make or model of skid steer for convenient use. Choose a universal hookup so you can continue to use your root rake even after you’ve replaced your skid steer. A universal attachment includes the bushings, couplers, hoses and pins you need for hassle-free connections.

Once you connect the rake and the hoses, you’ll gain total control of your root rake. Use it to scrape away loose branches or pick up heavy rocks in your yard, garden area or landscaping project. A rake connected to a skid steer is the ultimate tool for farmers, tree service technicians and landscapers to manage an outdoor area. 

Versatile Performance

Compare a root rake with other skid steer attachments to discover the surprising convenience and powerful performance of this piece of equipment. The rugged teeth can grip roots and branches, while the bucket design allows you to haul pipes, parts or debris across your property. Use this attachment for your next DIY landscaping project or to save time on the job by replacing similar tree removal attachments.

Take advantage of your nimble skid steer to tackle projects that are too difficult for your tractor. Navigating tight spaces is where your skid steer really shines, so clear debris from a forest trail or remove an old stump from your backyard with a reliable attachment from a leading manufacturer.

For a truly unique product, explore a pallet fork grapple. This attachment combines the grapple feature of a root rake with the twin arms of a pallet fork. It’s great for carrying large materials, such as logs and pipes. While it doesn’t have the basket of a traditional clamshell root take, it can still handle roots, branches and other debris with versatile performance.

Effortless Root and Branch Removal

Choose a piece of equipment with the power you need to take on any challenge. Whether you’re lifting, digging or grasping items around your property, a professional root rake has the pressure your skid steer needs. Compare the opening height, wall thickness and other measurements to find the rake that’s right for your project.

Even the most rugged tools need occasional maintenance. If you chip or bend a tooth on your root grapple bucket, simply order a replacement one. Disconnect your clamshell rake and remove the damaged teeth for easy maintenance. When you order a replacement tooth from the original manufacturer, you can enjoy reliable and precision replacement parts.

Upgrade Your Skid Steer Today

Take on any professional or DIY challenge with a new root grapple bucket today. Order yours online to enjoy industry-leading performance at a great price. Don’t let stubborn roots, heavy rocks or loose branches prevent you from maintaining your lawn or growing your landscaping business.

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