Smartphone Activities That Can Keep You on the Ball

Smartphone Activities That Can Keep You on the Ball

Over time, you might notice that you aren’t using your brain as much as you’d like. This might be no fault of your own, but trying to find the time to put towards mental exercise may not seem to exist when you’ve got to worry about your work and other responsibilities. 

Fortunately, all you need to get started with such exercises is your smartphone, and from that one single point, a wide array of activities waits for you. It can feel unnecessary, but you’ll be thanking yourself down the line for trying to keep certain aspects of your brain sharp.


Puzzles and puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes, from crosswords to sudoku; you have a whole lot of choice in how you approach this. If this is something that you’ve never been interested in, researching the positive impacts puzzles can have on your brain health might convince you to give them a try. 

Focusing your mental attention on something such as this can provide you with a certain sense of satisfaction when you finally overcome it, providing you with a deep intrinsic reward. 

Reaction Games

It’s not just your brain that you want to ensure is operating properly; you also want to maintain your reaction speed. While certain factors throughout life, such as alcohol consumption, can negatively impact your reaction times, you might be interested in knowing what you can do to hasten them again. 

If you’re looking for certain games or exercises, you might be interested in rhythm games that you can download from app stores or perhaps slot games that you can play when visiting a real money casino online

Keep on Learning

While your adult brain might not be as naturally wired toward learning new things as it might have been when you were younger, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Although there are larger undertakings that your phone could certainly help you with, such as learning a new language, you might also keep yourself sharp through a more casual sense of education. 

Certain topics of interest are covered in podcasts available from outlets such as Spotify and can be listened to in a wide variety of situations, giving you something to pay attention to more than you might do if you were just listening to music.

Helping You Fit in Exercise

One of the better ways of keeping yourself sharp might be to simply ensure that your body remains in as good a condition as possible. You might think that this is more difficult than fitting in mental exercise, but you can actually use your phone to engage with specific workouts, such as yoga or other exercise techniques that you might not know where to begin with otherwise. 

Best of all, you can often do these within the comfort of your own home, reducing the time constraint further as you’re provided a greater degree of control over how you incorporate them into your schedule. 

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