Solving The Challenges Teachers Are Facing In Schools Today

Solving The Challenges Teachers Are Facing In Schools Today
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The education landscape is changing quickly right now and it seems that every week teachers are being faced with new challenges. Below, we’ll discuss some of the issues that teachers are encountering as well as steps that should be considered to ensure that these problems can be addressed and potentially corrected. 


There’s definitely an issue with safety in schools right now and we’re not just referring to the threat from diseases such as COVID-19. There’s been a lot of press about the levels of violence that is present in schools and no easy answer that will address the overall problem. 

Teachers who are worried about levels of safety should implore school leaders to put the right measures in place while also ensuring that they are not left in dangerous situations where they don’t have the right level of support. 

The Ripples Of COVID 

Next, it’s possible that teachers will still feel the ripples that are left over from COVID-19 pandemic. The days of lockdowns for schools are now more less firmly behind us. However, that doesn’t mean that all problems have been forgotten. There are still issues that do need to be addressed here. For instance, teachers should consider whether hygiene levels are at the right point to ensure that infections don’t spread through student populations. It is also worth addressing whether or not social distancing measures should remain in place until the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated. It’s important to remember that children haven’t been provided with vaccinations just yet. 

Larger Classes 

Teachers are also being forced to handle larger classes, often with thirty or more children. The problem with this is that teachers can struggle to give the right level of attention and support to every student. It’s important to make sure that if you are running a classroom you are thinking about lesson choices that work with larger groups. You might also want to consider different spaces for students. For instance, modular classrooms can help spread children out more and ensure that they are not essentially confined to one space. These are also easy to construct and add to a space based on the room needed for the level of children. 

Students falling behind

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has not only made learning more difficult for students but has drastically affected their mental health as well. If a lot of stressful things surrounding the student’s life are happening, it will make it far more difficult to pay attention and let the new information process. But distance learning can be difficult for some students as well, especially those who have learning disabilities. 

All students should have an equal chance at education and all students deserve to get the attention and assistance they need. One teacher simply can’t do all of this. This is why some parents are opting for ISEE preparation tips for students with disabilities so their children can stay caught up. 

Attention Spans Declining 

Finally, it’s worth noting that research does suggest that attention spans have declined significantly over the last few years. According to reports, attention spans have declined to as little as 8 seconds. This isn’t great news for teachers who will already face issues when they are trying to get students to pay attention and focus. Particularly, during classes that are not viewed by students as being exciting or indeed interesting. Ultimately, students will need to explore ways to make classes more compelling for students overall and get creative with their lesson plans. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key challenges that teachers are facing today and how they can effectively be addressed. By taking the right steps, it’s possible to make sure that teachers feel more secure in their roles while guaranteeing that students continue to receive the same high quality education that they absolutely deserve. 

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