Some Of The Google Search Console Data Lost, Manual Actions Disappeared

There are so many reports that got missing during the de-indexing period of indexing bug. We are continuously updating the people about this indexing bug. Here is the latest news about indexing bug. Have a look at this article.

Lately, Google has fixed the search console data bug that delayed with so many reports. This was just because of the de-indexing bug. The Google workers made an update that the data from April 9 to April 25, 2019, is completely lost. Therefore, it is filled with data from April 26, 2019.

This impacted all the reports within the Google Search Console with the expectation of Performance report.

In addition, Google is searching for another bug know. They are searching for another bug in search console where manual actions notifications are disappearing. Therefore, the actions are disappearing within the manual action viewer.

 Google Search Console Data Lost

Manual actions disappearing: The Google workers updated that the manual actions are disappearing from general search console. Therefore, this turns out that this is the most widespread bug. Something weird is happening over there. I got examples from folks and the team here is taking a look. These are the updates of Google John Mueller on Twitter.

Marie Haynes was the first to bring this inattention. But there are so many complaints throughout the industry about this bug.


Why it matters? We cannot rely on data. Always make sure when you communicate you always report to your clients, about the data loss.

Due to this data loss and overlapping of de-indexing bug, we can’t tell whether your site is in impact by the indexing bug or not. In a few days, Google will address the bug and your manual action. You can simply return within the Google Search Console.

For a while, it seems like a reporting bug and sites with manual actions. Therefore, this is probably an impact in search.

Stay updated with us to know more about the Google updates.

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