Son Alex Takes the Reins of George Soros’ $25 billion Empire

Son Alex Takes the Reins of George Soros’ $25 billion Empire

George Soros is one of the most hated billionaires in the United States. He has rankled people with a right wing mentality for decades through his continued support for liberal and democratic causes across the globe. George Soros made a tonne of money and has been one of the most prolific donors in the world having donated $30 billion as of 2022. He infamously made a profit of $1billion during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis when he betted the Pound will fall and sold $10 billion worth of Pound Sterlings.

Now, Alex Soros, the fourth of George’s five children, is officially in charge of the Soros financial and charity empire worth $25 billion. The 37 year old History graduate had already taken the top spot at the Open Society Foundation (OSF) last December. Now, he’s responsible for the entire empire built by George Soros who is currently 92 years old.

Alex is the only one from the Soros family to have a seat on the investment committee that manages their wealth. He is also in charge of “super PAC” a US mechanism used to direct funds to political parties.

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Under Alex’s leadership, the Soros wealth will continue to fund liberal movements in and out of the US. However, the new leader has expressed his plans to run primarily US-focused operations. And yes, the money will be used openly in politics.

As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too,” Alex Soros said. Alongside campaigns for free speech, criminal justice, minority and refugee rights, Alex wishes to include voting rights, abortion, and gender equity movements in the sphere of his charitable investments. 

Currently, the OSF spends $1.5 billion in charity every year across 120 countries. It tries to promote and assist the establishment of democracy, human rights, and education. Interestingly, the OSF was built after the fall of the Berlin wall to help develop democracy in the countries of the Soviet bloc. 

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