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Spread Of Omicron Leads To Shut Down Of Schools Again

Spread Of Omicron Leads To Shut Down Of Schools Again

The number of school disruptions caused by COVID-19 is increasing. With schools closing early for the holidays or announcing temporary returns to virtual learning next week. The spread of Omicron at a fast pace has caused an alarming situation. Everyone is worried. The schools have decided to shut down again. The kids will have virtual sessions. Moreover, the teachers will also teach from their homes. 

Schools will remain shut till further notice

Educators, administrators, and support personnel must be able to provide in-person instruction and other activities. However, they need to give priority to their health also. The CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Monica Goldson, wrote in this week, promising a return to virtual learning. The rising positive rates have made it much more difficult to do so.  The raising anxiety in many school communities is a big worry for everyone. Until January 14, schools in the Maryland school district, which serves 136,000 pupils, will be closed.

Spread of Omicron cases is a huge cause of concern

Burbio discovered 646 school disruptions, roughly double the number from the previous week.

Schools are still one of the safest places for kids in terms of transmission risk. But they’re also one of the most vulnerable places because vaccination rates among kids are still low. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 18 percent of children aged 5 to 11 get at least one shot, while 61 per cent of children aged 12 to 17 have at least one shot.  Although the immunisation rate for youngsters has substantially dropped.

24% increase in the cases found in kids

More than 164,000 coronavirus cases in children were reported. Keeping the cases in mind, it is a great idea to shut the schools. Teaching can be done at home also. However, it is still not finalised. 

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