Starting a Minimalist Lifestyle: What Habits You Can Start Embracing

Starting a Minimalist Lifestyle: What Habits You Can Start Embracing

Habits do more than just help add structure to our days. This can also help up stay motivated and focused on our goals. This is why experts advise us to adopt one habit after another when starting a new lifestyle.

When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle, one can adopt different habits that will enable them to embrace minimalist living. Note that one’s minimalist habit can differ from another. This is since it will depend on your personal goals and values.

To help you get started, here are some minimalist habits you can start adopting.

Always Buy with Quality in Mind

We often hear the phrase “the more, the merrier.” But since minimalist living means learning to thrive with less, it is time you start buying with quality in mind instead of quantity. Don’t simply buy things that are more expensive, assuming that these are of better quality and longer-lasting.

This goes whether you are out buying something for yourself or a loved one. Think of quality as one of your requirements when making a purchase. For instance, you and your partner’s anniversary is coming up.

You are planning on buying him a ring to show your love for him. Instead of buying a ring made of metal, you can choose a simple silicone ring instead. These are a lot more durable, come in different colours and designs, and are perfect for busy people who are always on the go.

Keep Reusing What You Can

The key to living a minimalist life is to keep reusing what you can still use. There are different ways you can reuse old stuff, even if it means making some alterations. This will help you keep clutter at bay while saving some cash.

Let’s say you have a set of clothes you no longer wear. You have the option to make some changes so you can wear it in a different style. If this is not an option, you can choose to turn your old clothes into your kid’s clothes, rags, or even create a quilt out of your old t-shirts.

It also helps to find ways to reuse items you usually throw away after a single use. This includes newspapers, plastic bags, plastic bottles, even food scraps. With a little bit of imagination, you can take your reusing game to the next level.

Say Goodbye to Compulsive Buying

You can’t claim to live a minimalist lifestyle if you are always out buying stuff you don’t really need. This hurts both your budget and ability to embrace minimalist living. Learning to say goodbye to compulsive buying will make it easier for you to declutter your life and learn to live with less.

Instead of waiting for discounts before buying stuff, ask yourself if you really need another pair of shoes, gadgets, or accessories. If you find something you like, choose to delay the purchase for up to a month. Delayed gratification will teach you to buy only what you need and make you realize what matters the most.

Stick to your budget and avoid buying things with money you don’t have. As much as possible, pay all your bills and buy your essentials before making other purchases. This will teach you to prioritize your needs instead of indulging in your wants.

Practice Being Grateful Each Day

Being grateful for the things you have will make you realize that you actually have more than what you actually need. It is also about being grateful for the non-materials things you are currently enjoying today. Thinking about what you are grateful for, writing these down, or simply saying thank you out loud is enough.

Being grateful is good for your mental health. It essentially sets yourself up with a more positive mindset. While it is easier to feel bad about what’s lacking in your life, being grateful can change your perspective.

You can start by saying words of appreciation the moment you wake up. Whenever something good happens, say a small thank you. End your day by writing three things you are thankful for and watch your world become a more positive one.

Collect Memories and Experiences, Not Things

Things tend to pile up in your home. When you have too much of something, chances are, these will end up collecting dust in a corner. Why collect things when you can collect memories and experiences instead?

Unlike material things, memories can last a lifetime. Experiences expose us to different perspectives. You get to learn new things, improve your relationship with others, and push your limits.

There are other habits worth investing in if you want to start living a minimalist lifestyle. But you can always start with the items listed to kick start your goal. Know that by adopting these habits, you get to change your life for the better and unlock many other perks that come with minimalist living.

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