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Step by Step Guide of Game Development

Step by Step Guide of Game Development

Game development is a process that involves different people. These people include designers and even talented programmers. However, it is an activity that can sometimes be handled by one person, as long as they can carry out the task. The following is a game development process step-by-step.

Formulate a Game Idea

The first and crucial step is to come up with a game idea. Without it, you cannot develop a game. When formulating the concept, you need to consider who is going to be the player of the game, what would attract a person to play that particular game, the feeling, or what you want the player to gain from the game, and finally, what will excite the players of that game.

Cultivate the Game Concept

The game concept refers to a summary of the game details. This summary includes the mechanics of the game. These are the rules that players follow when playing and the description of the game at large. In this summary, you also look at the kind of devices you can use to play this particular game. Here we also need to consider the best programming language for that specific game, which can be mobile gaming vs. PC gaming.

Coming up with Proof for the Game Concept

The third and very essential step is to try and prove some ideas in the game concept document. Here it would be best if you verified whether the technology would handle the task. It would help if you also got feedback on whether your game settings are attractive enough to your preferred audience or target players.

Creation of Game Design Document

A game design document is an essential document. It contains a summary of the design for a particular game. It acts as a guide for the game, and it changes in case any modifications are made to the game.

Creating an Architecture Design

Creating an architecture design is very important. It is because the game keeps changing from time to time. Therefore, this design needs to be as flexible as possible to bring solutions to architecture challenges.

Game Development

With the architecture design in place, the developers can then work on the actual game developing task. So many things are in place now, and the process is, therefore, more straightforward. With all the tools in place, the game can now be developed quickly. When the development process is a success, the game is now ready for testing.

Testing the Game

It is the stage where the game is tested to see its workability. It is when the team will know whether it has achieved its objectives or not. It is in this stage that the team can see some issues and look for solutions for them. Some players can be given a chance to play the game and give their feedback. From the feedback, the team can know what to improve on.

Support the Game

The process does not stop after testing. The game needs to be supported throughout for it to grow and be better. Therefore, the game needs to be updated from time to time, and every update comes with more content.


From the above step-by-step guide of the game development process, it is clear that it requires a lot of input to succeed. Have you tried developing a game? Share your views today.

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