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Strict Policies Are Proposed By European Commission For Use Of AI

Strict Policies Are Proposed By European Commission For Use Of AI

As per the updates, the government around the world is considering how to regulate AI, the European Union is there to plan for the first of its kind of legislation that will definitely put strict limits on the technology. On Wednesday, the European Commission, body’s executive came out with a detailed regulatory approach that was having a four-tire system. This is the system that groups the AI software into some of the separate risk categories and applies some appropriate level of regulation to each and every one.

On the top, there would be systems that pose an unacceptable risk to the right and safety of people. The European Commission is definitely going to ban these such algorithms under the commission’s proposed legislation. One of the examples of software that is going to fall under this category is AI, this is something that would allow governments and companies to implement social scoring systems.

Below this, falls that category that is posing high risks AI. This is the section that is very much expensive in terms of both software and proposed limits. The European Commission says that this is something that will subject to strict regulations and will touch on everything for the dataset. Some of the things included in this category are law enforcement-related Ais and all the forms of biometric identifications. Police will be allowed to use latter in the public spaces, through the EU they can easily carve out some expectations for all the national security concerns.

Probing further, then comes the category of limited risks AI like chatbots.  This legislation will require that these programs disclose you talking to an AI so that an informed decision is made on whether you are interested in continue using them or not. lastly, there is a section of programs that poses minimal risk to people.

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