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Suit Filed Against Paypal: Know Why Paypal Customers Are Angry!

Suit Filed Against Paypal: Know why Paypal Customers are angry!

This can’t be true! Three PayPal customers filed a federal complaint against an online payment provider after it suspended their accounts. They reportedly received funds from the firm without explanation. 

The Plaintiffs (two California users and one Chicago user) claim that the corporation wrongfully seized their personal property. They also claimed that it violated the swaying law. They already had their accounts suspended. Now they’re threatening to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all other customers. They are seeking compensation as well as criminal penalties against Paypal. 

Lena Evans, One of the plaintiffs, is a 22-year PayPal customers. She claimed that the company deducted $ 26,984 from her account. It happened six months after the service was shut down. The company did not give her any explanations, she said. Evans utilized PayPal to purchase and sell goods on eBay. She also used it to transfer money between poker leagues and NGOs that assist women with various needs. 

Suit Filed Against Paypal: Know why Paypal Customers are angry!

What were the main accusations?

Roni Shemtov, a co-plaintiff, claims that PayPal grabbed almost $42,000 of her money. She said she was never provided with an adequate cause to close her account. When she reached the company, the company gave a few unique clarifications. One client agent asserted that she involved a similar IP and PC as other Paypal clients. The other guaranteed that it was because she was selling yoga wear at a 30% markdown off what he sold at retail. It was apparently because she utilized many accounts, which she rejected. 

Shbadan Akylbekov, the third offended party, claimed that PayPal seized more than $172,000. The company froze his account for six months. He ran out of money, PayPal allegedly notified his wife. By banning accounts and suspending cash for more than six months, PayPal has long upset many users. 

One of the most high-profile examples included American poker player Chris Moneymaker. He had his account plundered for $ 12,000 after the company lifted a six-month restriction. Before his money was “mysteriously returned,” the moneymaker was already in the process of filing a class-action lawsuit.

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