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Survivor Season 42 Premiere: Surprise Removal Brings Emotional Twists

Survivor Season 42 Premiere: Surprise Removal Brings Emotional Twists

The two-hour Season 42 of Survivor debut aired on March 9, and the game is fierce. The season was shot directly following Survivor 41, and unlike the fans, the participants had no clue about the twists. The 18 contestants arrived in Fiji believing they understood the game, but Jeff Probst turned their assumptions on their heads. Here’s what happened in the thrilling Survivor 42 premiere on CBS.

The First Day Of The Reward Challenge

When the candidates in Survivor arrived, they were divided into three groups: Taku (orange), Vati (green), and Ika (blue) (blue). By winning the task, the groups had to earn their flint, machetes, and pots. For the participants, that was the first plot twist. A relay race with a twist was the first reward challenge. With no food supply at the outset of the game, all three tribes were disadvantaged. After everything, Rocksroy snatched the flint, giving Ika its first victory.

Survivor: During The Camps

Alliances emerge between the three oldest and three youngest members of the victorious camp. Vati and Taku played Sweat or Savvy to win flint, machetes, and pots at the losing camps. Each task had a time limit of four hours. If you fail the first immunity test, you won’t get supplies until the second one. Both teams selected Savvy, and both teams accurately predicted 51. All three teams now have their required supplies; however, there is no food source.

Survivor Season 42 Premiere: Surprise Removal Brings Emotional Twists

The Next Day

Ika’s suspicions grew when Tori went food shopping alone. Following that, a boat arrives in Taku, Ika, and Vati. One person must board the boat and return to camp later that day. It’s the Summit’s first challenge. Nothing happens if all players in Survivor agree to protect. If everyone chooses risk, everyone loses their vote in the next council. If the vote is half, the players who opted to protect are unaffected. Nothing gained, and nothing lost. Risk-takers receive an additional vote.

Day 3: An Unexpected Departure

One of the new regulations in Survivor didn’t provide the most significant shock of the season opener. Jeff came to Taku on Day Three for a one-on-one meeting with Jackson, stating that he and the producers are worried about a medical revelation Jackson made at the very last minute. Unfortunately, Jeff stated that the production could not risk Jackson’s health and that he would go home before the first immunity challenge. Jackson was devastated throughout the talk, but he understood. The tribe’s response is visceral.

Council Of The First Tribes

After failing the puzzle section of the immunity challenge and recognizing he was in danger, Zach caused a stir with Tori, accusing her of being untrustworthy. Tori defended herself, and Zach’s attempt to sway people’s votes in Tori’s favor failed miserably. He took a gamble in the dark and lost his vote, giving him a one-in-six chance for immunity. But he didn’t have luck on his side. Any votes cast for Zach still tallied, and he was the first person eliminated from Survivor 42.

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