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Taliban In Afghanistan Claims The Country Is Safe With Them

Taliban claimed that it has made Afghanistan a better place to live in. A Taliban spokesman recently hailed the Islamist organisation for delivering stability to Afghanistan. It has claimed that it had accomplished what the US and other countries had failed to do. The country was suffering from past 20 years.

On December 23, Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told Al-Jazeera Network that the Taliban are committed to the Doha Agreement. They also stated that Afghanistan has not been used to organise strikes against the United States.

Taliban in Afghanistan has solved the security problem

Muttaqi criticised the former Afghan government for enabling ISIS to have a foothold in the country. Also said the Taliban was able to solve the security problem in a quick period.

He claims the Taliban had “managed to bring about the type of security that the US and the militaries of 50 countries had failed to bring about in 20 years” in the four months following the US’ haphazard pullout.

They would have considered this a big triumph if they had succeeded,” Muttaqi remarked. “We accomplished this all on our own, and for that we deserve recognition, not punishment.”

Taliban protects the human rights

The Taliban, according to Muttaqi, respects human rights and “works for the people. Moreover, the former government left us with a poor economy and extensive corruption,” he remarked. “We want to develop a robust economy and maintain positive ties with the rest of the world.”

Afghanistan’s economy is on the edge of collapse, notwithstanding Muttaqi’s declarations of a safe nation. The international community provided about 80% of Afghanistan’s previous government’s budget. That money, which is now unavailable, was used to fund hospitals, schools, companies, and government departments. Banks have been hamstrung by sanctions, and the United Nations, the United States, and others are attempting to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian relief to Afghans while avoiding the Taliban.

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