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Tall Girl 2: What All We Know So Far

Tall Girl 2: What All We Know So Far

The teen rom-com on Netflix Despite being unanimously despised by reviewers and moviegoers, Netflix’s Tall Girl is getting a sequel. Despite this, it beat the odds and attracted a large audience, resulting in a sequel. Tall Girl 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on February 11th, 2022, and here’s all we know thus far.

To refresh your memory, the original Tall Girl movie was a tremendous hit for Netflix, despite its modest budget, amassing 41 million views in the first four weeks it was available. The film stars Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, and Paris Berelc and was a typical rom-com with the exception that the main heroine, Jodi, was extremely tall and self-conscious.

When did Tall Girl begin filming?

Filming was set to begin in mid-April 2021 and end in late May 2021, according to ProductionWeekly issue 1236. Like the original film, the sequel was shot entirely in New Orleans, with McG, Mary Viola, Steven Bello, and Corey Marsh serving as executive producers.

Who will appear in the season?

The majority of the core cast from the original film is expected to return.

Among the returning cast members are:

Ava Jodi Kreyman is played by Michelle.
Griffin Gluck is a character in the film Griffin Gluck Griffin Gluck in the role of Jack Dunkleman
Carpenter, Sabrina Harper Kreyman is played by Sabrina Carpenter.
Steve Zahn is a well-known actor. Richie Kreyman is played by Steve Zahn.
Angela Kinsey is a British actress. Helaine Kreyman is played by Angela Kinsey.
Fareeda is played by Anjelika Washington.
Luke Eisner is a writer who lives in New York City Stig Mohlin is played by Luke Eisner.
Wilsey, Clara Kimmy Stitcher is played by Clara Wilsey.
Rico Rico, Paris Schnipper in Paris
Jan Luis Castellanos, who will play Tommy Torres, is one of the new faces we’ll see in the sequel. Jan is arguably most recognised for his performance as Diego Torres in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Tall Girl 2 is directed and written by who?

Sam Wolfson is back to write the sequel. For the sequel, Emily Ting takes over directorial duties from Nzingha Stewart. Her past directing credits include the 2019 film Go Back to China, as well as various shorts and documentaries before to that. Are you excited for the sequel to Tall Girl to premiere on Netflix? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.