TAMILROCKERS 2020 – Website To Download Illegal Movies In HD

TAMIL ROCKERS 2020 - Website To Download Illegal Movies In HD
TAMIL ROCKERS 2020 - Website To Download Illegal Movies In HD

Piracy is considered illegal throughout the world. For those who have never heard of the term earlier, piracy means using a movie without permission from the creator. However, the pandemic has made watching movies in halls impossible. As a result, the trend of piracy is on the rise in the 21st century. Movie buffs will not be able to view movies in halls even after the lockdown due to the soaring prices of tickets. Hence, they go in for pirated movies. These pirated movies also help the viewers bide time comfortably during the lockdown. Several piracy companies like Tamil Rockers are raking in the moolah during this pandemic situation.


This website supports the piracy of movies. Those who visit this site may download movies

in Tamil from here. The good news is that the film may also be downloaded in HD format, free of cost.

Of late, production houses have started appealing to the masses about boycotting the pirated movies. The government is also taking stern action against those who are uploading movies to piracy sites. Even then, the wow factor of this particular site is that it makes movies in Tamil and dubbed in Tamil available before their official release in theatres.


Tamil Rockers is a portal that flouts rules belligerently. The latest movies are available for download free of cost. Apart from that, the films are segregated by the actors. So, the movie buffs may also search for movies by their favorite actors. Furthermore, this site is compatible with mobiles. Apart from this segregation, the details of the movies available on this website are available on the landing page of this site.


Some of the latest Tamil movies available in this site are as follows:

  • Mafia
  • Godfather
  • Darbar
  • Naan Sirithal
  • World Famous Lover
  • Vanmurai
  • Oh My Kadavule

India’s Take On This Site:

This site is banned in India. Moreover, the Indian government has threatened the culprits (those who upload the movies in the piracy sites as well as those who download it). The rules have become more stringent over the years. However, the website continues to change its domain name from time to time. Also, it changes the language of movies frequently to avoid detection.

Piracy is illegal because it goes against copyright infringement. Also, if a movie is pirated, it doesn’t generate any revenue. As a result, directors and other cast or crew do not receive the remuneration or share of profit that they should.

Furthermore, this site allows Tamil movies to be downloaded before they are released. As a result of that, people do not pay even a single visit to a theatre for it. Not even a ticket is sold. So, the Indian film industry is bound to accept the loss of billions of rupees each year. It is considered a crime to record a movie without the written permission of the producer. Such a massive loss of revenue is a cause of concern for the film industry. It also adversely affects the movie industry. Anybody who pirates a movie is causing financial damage.

The loss of box office revenues and financial loss has caused many a production house to shut down. This losing battle against piracy is a striking example of the humility of the Indian government. Due to privacy, many a movie that had the potential to be a hit is declared a flop at the box office. This flop also impacts the career of young actors and actresses. Had this flop movie been a hit, it could have changed the typical mindset of the masses. The shocking thing is that 14% of people admit to watching pirated films. Hence, we can presume that pirated movies have a psychological impact on man. The immoral effects of humans are instigated by piracy.

Piracy seems to be perceived as a trend than an immoral activity. The revenue that a pirated movie will be generated takes predominance over the long term losses that it will cause. To conclude, the masses must co-operate with each other to stop piracy.

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