Tech Giants Cutting A Deal That Cut Ad Competition

Tech Giants Cutting A Deal That Cut Ad Competition
Tech Giants Cutting A Deal That Cut Ad Competition

The anti-monopoly cases in opposition to Google and Facebook might add fuel to the already raging flame. The New York Times states that it has acquired several documents from Texas’s antitrust lawsuit refining a “sweetheart deal” (first mentioned by the Wall Street Journal) that was given to Facebook by Google back in 2018 regarding reduced ad competition.

Nicknamed as “Jedi Blue,” it provided; Facebook favors in an ad, wherein the sites could put in for ad space bids from several exchanges. In return, it asked Google to back its open bidding approach to selling those particular ads.

However, according to the Times, these terms provided intrinsic advantages to Facebook. This is because Facebook had a considerable time to bid for ads, conduct direct billing with those sites that host the ads, and gained assistance from Google to analyse ad audiences.

As a portion of the agreement, Facebook stated that it would be bidding on around 90% of the ad auctions once it starts identifying users. Additionally, it promised to spend a minimum of $500 million per year. Facebook also said Google keeps away from using bid info to alter the ad auctions in its benefit.

As per the partners talking to the newspaper, the rest of the Google ad partners did not get a good deal out of it. Google was accused of promising an array of ad wins for Facebook by the complaint of Texas.

However, Google and Facebook rejected the idea of Jedi Blue, saying it was autocratic. Meanwhile, a Facebook representative declared that such deals with Google help intensify ad bids’ competition. He added that the disagreements on the opposite were baseless. The search firm has published a blog post outlining its objections.

A section in the deal demanded that both cooperate and help if there was an inquiry in their operation. The settlement stated “antitrust” around 20 times.

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